TT play plus and Shenzhen dream world strategic alliance

 TT play plus and Shenzhen dream world strategic alliance

Shenzhen chuangmiandi Network Co., Ltd., a top 100 Internet company in China, was founded in 2011 as a digital entertainment platform. It provides rich and diverse digital content such as games and animation, as well as online and offline integration services such as e-sports, and has been committed to bringing happiness to users with technology and creativity since its inception. Chuangmengtiandi successfully launched subway parkour, Temple Escape 2, Monument Valley and other well-known boutique games. Through refined operation, it has accumulated a large number of users. Adhere to quality content. E-Competition is an important strategic business of chuangmengtiandi. The company has invested in NW team and established IDS team. Combining the advantages of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, we will build dream world into an extensive e-Competition platform.

When it comes to Shenzhen chuangmengtiandi network company, we have to say that the current great popularity of the second-dimensional game ranking - passersby super energy 100: psionics. Passerby super power 100: psionics not only inherits the core essence and screen style of the animation of the same name, but also innovates to make the players feel more like game substitutes. Its not only a popular game for the second dimension players, but also a high-quality and fashionable game for the public to play across the second dimension wall. Lets take a look at this second dimension role-playing game!

Original authorization

Passerby super energy 100: psionics is a genuine authorized second-order mobile game jointly issued by egelas and Juyi Co., Ltd. of Japan, which jointly obtains the game rights of animation IP and develops the joint release of unisex and Letu together with Chengdu firefly. The game perfectly reappears the plot content of the animation, Japanese youth campus scene, original character super ability setting. The player is a super passer-by named Mao Fu (Dragon suit), who can partner with dozens of familiar partners, such as Xinlong, LV, xiaojiuwo and huazehuiqi, to carry out strategic confrontation and participate in rich campus activities.

New play method, audio visual feast

In passerby super power 100: psionics, players can match a variety of skills at will. According to the current situation, they can use reasonable skill operations to make friends marvel at 666. In addition, a variety of popular characters, rich campus activities and social play are also innovations of the game. In order to satisfy the feelings of the players, passerby super energy 100: psionics also integrates the original animation class into the game, only to make the players have more sense of game substitution when operating their favorite characters. The familiar popular characters such as psychedelic, dimple and bud will add a different audio-visual experience to the players spiritual events.

Multiple challenges, the best combination

In addition to spirit, awakening, body society, claw branch and other copies with different style and difficulty, the game introduces a unique copy challenge play method, which brings players not only a hearty experience of fighting, but also relaxed and happy leisure activities and rich activity rewards. In the dungeon, you can obtain different strengthening materials, continuously enhance the comprehensive attributes of the characters, create your own strongest combination of elixirs, and go further on the path of elixir together.

See here, do you want to join the spirit removing army with Maofu, the emperor Longtao? Excited heart, shaking hands, you have TT play plus Oh! Dont pick up the mobile phone to download TT and play with Mao Fu. Its a thrilling battle to get rid of spirit!