Tang Dynasty men are the most flirtatious? Flowers and Swords is playing with a little heartbeat

 Tang Dynasty men are the most flirtatious? Flowers and Swords is playing with a little heartbeat

If you meet the person you like, you can also take the initiative to meet and know each other. Join hands in the Jianghu and leave a good story in the world! Among them, there are three ancient male gods, who are you going to leave and who are you going to be lingering with because of your choice? Different temperaments, different styles and many gods are waiting for you!

Every time we meet, there is always a heart

Li Shimin, the son of the emperor of the Tang Dynasty

Li Shimin is the emperor and the leader of the country. Although he lives in the temple, he has a soft and chivalrous mind. You will meet him, know him, and write a moving story. Guo ye? Love? Where to go and where to follow, its up to you to choose!

Handsome Li Shimin

Han Zigao, leader of Mohist School: to help the world and hang the pot, but its hard to escape

He is calm and introverted. Han Zigao, who stops in Yuezhi, is the leader of the ghost School of Mohism. A attack of snow and white clothes doesnt fall into the world, as if a faint ink dye, detached from the world. Because of the red night divine sword, you meet him; the love of the master and the apprentice is the love of men and women... On the one hand is the responsibility of the leader, on the other hand is the righteousness of the country, and on the other hand is the love between children and girls. Where to go? From?

Han Zigao in the air

Li Shouqian, the leader of the hidden dragon Hall: the leader of the evil way, also attaches great importance to emotion and righteousness

HUAFA full head, a white suit with pure black fox fur, cool and dignified The mysterious Li Shouqian is the leader of the Hidden Dragon Palace, the leader of the evil way in the Jianghu, and the illegitimate son of Li Yuan! After being abandoned by the Li family, he did not believe that there would be benevolence and justice in the world, but insisted on his family and brothers. Can you untie the knot and walk with him all your life?

Li Shouqian, a cold, arrogant and evil spirit

Everything in the Jianghu is like tea

Each of the three men has its own future. Who to choose? Who to discard? Its up to you. However, in addition to love, the Jianghu of flowers and Swords also has all kinds of interesting things, just waiting for details.

In your spare time, sing and dance

You can tailor clothes to make umbrellas, build boats for kites, and be a skilled craftsman. You can also walk in Changan and be a peddler for half a day. Or go to the place where the water is beautiful and the mountains are clear, pan a leaf boat, and see a different scenery; or put a flower lamp when the fireworks are deep, and see whos heart it floats to. Here, the Jianghu is like tea, like wine. Taste it slowly. Its unique!

Who can appreciate my dancing posture when the full moon is in the sky?

Three male masters and thousands of chivalrous men, you can stir all people in the ancient love telling tour flower and sword! Now the public test is coming, another Jianghu is waiting for you to enter. Huaer and the young men, come here and tell a new story of the Jianghu!

About flowers and swords:

Flowers and Swords is a new style of love and brotherhood tour of Netease, which is under appointment. With the fresh world scenery, vivid and vivid human settings, charming and moving multi line plot, three high beauty protagonists accompany the players to travel in the Jianghu and experience the entanglement of love and hate. The social games with full sense of ceremony let the players from all over the world meet and know each other and make love. One flower, one sword, one life, one destiny. This is in the Tang Dynasty, here is a story of you, here, there are all your fantasies about the beauty of the Jianghu...

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