Pique: I was willing to reduce my salary and sign back Neymar and Ramos with mutual respect

 Pique: I was willing to reduce my salary and sign back Neymar and Ramos with mutual respect

Pique first talked about his friendship with Real Madrid players: I have a good relationship with Basque and Nacho. Ramos? We are not friends, but we respect each other. I have been getting along well with the Madrid players

How old will it be? My contract expires at the age of 35, and it depends on the situation every year, pique said. Now think about three years later. Its crazy. When I dont enjoy football, I retire, but now I feel great.

Pique is seen as Barcelonas future president, but he says he will not consider these in the short term: I will not consider them in the short term. I have always wanted to be president of Barcelona, but in the short or medium term, I will not be president of Barcelona.

Is Messi the best in history? Hes doing as he always has, so people dont seem to be surprised anymore, Pike said in a positive response. Im sure hes the best in history, and thats what everyone in the team thinks.

Messi and grizman have a bad relationship? They have a very good relationship, he denied. The relationship between them is like Messi and denbelle, Pedro and villa. Messi and Suarez do have a better relationship. They are like brothers. Messis relationship with grizman is not as close as Messis and Suarezs, but that doesnt mean they have a bad relationship.

Pique then talked about Neymar: Neymar back to Barcelona? In the football world, anything can happen, we open the door to him. We have told him that he went to a golden prison. We told the chairman in the summer that we would be willing to cut salaries collectively if we bought back Neymar and were stuck in the financial equity act.

Ramos wants to take part in the Summer Olympics. Does pique want to take part? Pique quit Spain in 2018, but he doesnt rule out playing in the Olympics: me and Ramos again? In life, no possibility can be ruled out.

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