25-year-old bus driver sticker: if you have any problem, please ask the master not to call the driver

 25-year-old bus driver sticker: if you have any problem, please ask the master not to call the driver

What do you call driver when you take a bus? Is it driver, master or driver?

Recently, a stubborn bus driver in Henan caught fire because he doesnt want you to think its more appropriate for him to call him master .

According to reports, a bus in Henan Province showed the slogan thunder man. If you have anything, please call the master, not the driver. Thank you! This is my last stubbornness as a bus driver!!! It is said that it was posted by Master Li, the local bus driver. Master Li thinks that people call him driver, which sounds very unpleasant, while master sounds very energetic.

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At this moment ebullition gentleman inadvertently hummed I and my last stubborn, grip the steering wheel absolutely not put..

In response to this matter, the vast number of spoonfuls have come out again. Master, Wukong is at the station, please open the door. dont fall into his trap, everyone. He wants you to call him master and he will say, eight commandments, sit well, dont move. can you call him master driver? ...

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However, in Master Lis mind, the term master is more pleasant and more cordial and respectful than driver. According to master Li, many people would have called him driver before, but since the notice was posted, the number of people calling him master has increased significantly.

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Each profession has its own special requirements. Especially as a service industry personnel, from dress, speech and even every move, there are standard paradigms. Sometimes we pay too much attention to customer experience and ignore the inner feelings of service providers. After all, every profession deserves respect.

Some people may think that Master Li is too true, or even a little affectation, and feel that there is no difference between the two terms. However, in Master Lis mind, the weight of the two is obviously different. Since Master Li has such a small appeal, why not become a man as a passenger?

Ebullition gentleman thinks, profession has no height, respect also should not be different. Every profession creates wealth for the society and provides convenience for peoples life. We should give the most beautiful names to these hardworking people and give them the loudest applause.

You may as well call master kindly when you take the bus. After all, sometimes the best respect is accomplishment.

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