Shenghua College: 43 Jin sick female student is undergoing treatment. Please give her space.

 Shenghua College: 43 Jin sick female student is undergoing treatment. Please give her space.

In August 2017, for the head of the Admissions Office of Guizhou Shenghua vocational college, the enrollment work is a challenging year. Because of the schools philosophy of public interest, education and poverty alleviation, more and more disabled students choose to apply for the Shenghua college. In the face of this situation, the vice president of Shenghua college in charge of enrollment said: call the students, as long as they can live and take care of themselves, we will admit them, and the school will not refuse any disabled person to apply for the exam. In 2017, Guizhou Shenghua Vocational College enrolled 19 disabled freshmen, of whom Wu Huayan was one.

Three years of zero Tuition to help the university dream

In September 2017, Huayan came to Guizhou Shenghua vocational college with a dream of university to study financial management. When she entered the college, her counselor paid special attention to the girl who was 1.37 meters tall and weighs less than 25 kg. When I saw Huayan for the first time, I was very distressed. After entering the school, the counselor asked the students, class cadres and roommates in the class for many times, hoping that they could care more about Hua Yan in their life. At the same time, the counselor would visit Hua Yan in the dormitory every week, and clearly told her that she could contact the teacher if she had any needs.

Every time she sits in the first row of class, where she listens quietly, does not play with her mobile phone, takes notes seriously, and is a good student with excellent character and learning. Although she is short, she still walks with confidence and a shy smile. Hua Yans professional teacher said so.

Hua Yan students exchange with volunteers of Shenghua college? Here are all pictures of WeChat public in Shenghua Career Academy, Guizhou.

During the period of school, Hua Yan took a selfie while preparing for the exam in the library

Huayans life in school recorded in the circle of classmates and friends

In November 2017, in order to do a good job in supporting disabled students, the Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of the University held a symposium on disabled students of the whole university, at which he announced the establishment of Guizhou Shenghua Vocational College disabled student grants. In view of the situation of Huayan students, the school has been giving the greatest help. Huayan students enjoy the following subsidies during their school years: first, the national targeted poverty alleviation scholarship is 4500 yuan, the national scholarship is 3000 yuan, and the school grants scholarships: 6000 yuan (3000 yuan new student scholarship + 3000 yuan disabled student scholarship established by the school); second, the national targeted poverty alleviation scholarship is 4500 yuan, the national scholarship is 2535 yuan, and the school grants 7000 yuan (3000 in school targeted support In the second semester of sophomore year, the school issued 2500 yuan of love assistance fund. Junior high school is just beginning, and the related awards and assistantships are in preparation for distribution.

In 2017, the school held a symposium on disabled students

In March 2018, with the concern of the school leaders, a teacher of the school offered to help her with the living expenses of 400 yuan per month, but Hua Yan refused. She hoped to make money by her own hands. For this reason, the teacher arranged a very easy work study work for her. From March 2018 to July 2019, she was totally supported with the living expenses of 6000 yuan.

Warm heart

We dont know when the disease will come to us. For a young girl, its a good time to study and study. She didnt want to lie in the bed all day, but sometimes the disease is so merciless.

On October 12, Wu Huayan, a young girl who had just entered the social practice, had a hard time because she was rushed to the second peoples Hospital of Guiyang city and was diagnosed with heart valve disease, cardiac edema and renal edema. This news is undoubtedly a big blow to Hua Yan!

When Hua Yan was admitted to the hospital

After learning the information of illness, the teacher and counselor of the Accounting College of Huayan immediately came to Guiyang No.2 peoples hospital with 3000 yuan of the colleges love fund and the teachers donation to see Huayan. Hua Yan, you need to feel at ease now. Lets find a way to solve the problem of operation cost. It will be better!

The teacher of Shenghua college rushed to the hospital as soon as he heard the news

After Wu Huayan was ill and hospitalized, his relatives and friends launched a charity fundraising on the water drop fundraising line. After the link was sent, the teachers and students of the school actively forwarded the fundraising for her. Most of the teachers and students completed donations of different amounts online. So far, 200000 yuan has been raised. At the same time, through the China childrens charity relief foundation, it launched a fund-raising activity for Huayan in water drop public welfare, and has received more than 600000 yuan.

China childrens Charity Foundation

Water drop fund raising online launched love fund raising

From October 18, in order to help Huayan students get through the difficulties, the school students organized a charity fund-raising activity at the gate of the canteen. Once the activity was started, the majority of teachers and students actively responded and donated. For a while, all professional colleges and classes formed a ocean of love. 10 yuan, 20 yuan, 50 yuan, 80 yuan, 100 yuan... Everyone expressed their concern for Wu Huayan with practical actions. Among them, it is worth moving that the blind students who have difficulties walk to the donation table with each others help and offer their love. In addition, there are also a group of people who love each other, after giving their love, smile and turn away without leaving their own names.

On October 18, donation activities, disabled students actively participate in donation activities

On October 20, Huayans teachers, counselors and student representatives came to Wu Huayans ward. Huayans younger brothers and sisters were very concerned about her condition. Hou Zhixiong also gave Huayan more than 10000 yuan of cash donations and blessings from teachers and students of the school. Once again, she was encouraged to be strong and not give up! We should have the confidence and determination to fight the disease to the end!

School teachers bring love money to Huayan students

List of love donations

On October 21, Yang Shaoxian, deputy secretary of the Party committee and executive vice president of Shenghua University, and Wu Cuilan, deputy director of the student department, and their group came to Guiyang No.2 peoples hospital with 8000 yuan of the schools love and help money again. They visited Huayan in the ward, hoping that she would not have psychological burden, be relieved to cure the disease, and strive for early recovery.

Yang Shaoxian, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the University, visited Huayan at the hospital

Hua Yans home is in Shaba Township, Songtao County, Tongren City. The scenery is very beautiful and the people are very kind. After learning about Huayan, the village cadres, Chunhui backbones, village teams, supporting cadres and villagers in Shaba Township immediately took action and spontaneously raised donations for her. It is understood that as of October 18, more than 140 people have participated in fund-raising, and more than 20000 yuan has been raised.

Poverty alleviation cadres in their hometown donate money to Huayan students

Thank you girl, write a thousand words thank you letter

On October 29, Hua Yan, who received a lot of help, wrote a thank-you letter of nearly a thousand words. She hoped to thank the teachers and students of Shenghua college, the masses of Shaba Township, Songtao County, and all the people who had never met before for their donations.

Sick girl, great pressure inside

Hua Yans story has moved many people. Through the wide spread of the Internet, more people have paid attention to Wu Hua Yan. The media and caring people have been running around for her illness. More and more media reporters hope to report her in all aspects. These concerns bring great pressure to this thin little girl.

At 2:00 a.m. on October 28, Hua Yan, who had been sleepless for many days, sent a wechat to her teacher at Shenghua college. Her words revealed that because of the content of the report and the public opinion guidance of the netizens, she was under a lot of pressure now. Many of the contents were inconsistent with what she wanted to express. She was so unbearable and great. She had been suffering from insomnia due to illness before, but she still suffered from insomnia. u3002 After seeing the information for the first time, the teacher immediately replied to Hua Yan, hoping that she could adjust her mind and encourage her with her own experience. At 4:00 a.m. on October 29, Hua Yan sent a message to the teacher again, saying that now as long as she picked up her mobile phone, her message was everywhere, and she was extremely scared.


More and more caring people pay attention to this self-esteem girl, who has come to the publics eyes. So far, Huayans school teachers and counselors are comforting her every day to let her not have psychological burden and treat her well. During the rest time, the school teachers and students are visiting her in the hospital to cheer her on.

Friends circle released by Huayan on October 30, 2019

The disease is really merciless. How can such a kind girl suffer such misfortune? What moved us is that: the power of love is infinite, so many people are concerned about Hua Yans illness; what we are grateful for is: thank those good people who have not left their names for blessing Hua Yans classmates in silence. As Hua Yan himself said, maybe Im very unlucky, but Im so lucky. Thank you all.

At present, Hua Yan is actively participating in the treatment in the hospital. We hope that everyone can give her space so that she can feel at ease. Shenghua college is a big love family, we are waiting for her to come back!

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