Interpretation of Apples Q4 financial report: net profit declines by 3percent and three 5g phones will be launched next year

 Interpretation of Apples Q4 financial report: net profit declines by 3percent and three 5g phones will be launched next year

At the analyst conference call, Tim Cook, Apples chief executive, said that at present, there is no long-term forecast for the future revenue of the iPhone. Apple watch is still in the early stage of the construction mode, so the penetration will be further improved in the future. The performance of the new airpods has reached a record high, which is expected to continue into the first quarter.

According to another report, Apple may launch three 5g phones next year, which is highly expected by the market.

From the perspective of product sales revenue, the iPhone and other accessories are in a hot and cold situation. IPhone revenue for the quarter was $33.362 billion, better than expected $32.42 billion, but still down nearly 9% from $36.755 billion in the same period last year. Macs revenue was $6.991 billion, down nearly 4% from $7.34 billion in the same period last year.

However, both iPad and wearable device revenues are up from the same period last year. Among them, iPad revenue was 4.656 billion US dollars, up nearly 17% compared with the same period last year; wearable devices, home furnishings and accessories revenue was 6.52 billion US dollars, higher than the market expectation of 5.9 billion US dollars, up 54.4% compared with the same period last year.

In addition, the companys service revenue was $12.511 billion, up 18% year on year. Apples subscription business, including subscription applications, grew 40% year-on-year, while iPad revenue grew 16.9% year-on-year.

Cook said in the earnings report that the quarter was the fourth highest revenue level in Apples history, mainly due to the growth of services, wearable devices and iPad sales. The increase is related to the last fiscal quarter, with a large number of successful consumer use cases, which attracted more consumers to buy in this quarter. The latest Apple watch 5, equipped with an all-weather retina screen that doesnt sleep, is a historic innovation for Apples wearable devices. For apple health, apple is currently trying to connect wearable devices and electronic health records. In addition, there are many projects being tested.

Chinas market revenue fell slightly

It is worth noting that Apples financial report shows that the revenue of Greater China is 11.134 billion US dollars, a slight decrease of 2.4% compared with 11.411 billion US dollars in the same period of last year; the revenue of the whole fiscal year is 43.678 billion US dollars, a decrease of 16% compared with 51.9 billion US dollars in the previous fiscal year.

However, its decline slowed down, reversing the previous decline. In the first three quarters of fy19f, Apples revenue in China fell by 4%, 25% and 22% respectively. After last years setback, apple slightly cut the price of the iPhone 11 at home this year, which sold well in the early days of the market.

Guo Mingyu, an analyst with Tianfeng international, believes that the iPhone 11 series shipment volume is expected to increase from 65 million to 70 million in 2019, and Apples price reduction will be more conducive to attracting Chinese consumers. In the upcoming double 11 sales season, the iPhone 11 series price will also be reduced by 500 yuan, which will further boost iPhone sales in China.

5g mobile phone is on the line

But for apple, next year could be a more optimistic year.

Previously, apple planned to use intel5g chip in 5g mobile phones, but then Intel quit the smartphone chip business, and Apple could only settle with Qualcomm. In 2020, all iPhone products will be equipped with Qualcomms latest and fastest 5gx55 modem chip. The maximum download speed of x55 chip is 7GB / s, and the upload speed is 3gb / s. It has better energy efficiency than Qualcomm X50 chip and consumes less power when connecting 5g network.

In September, Guo also said in a report that Apple will equip the new iPhone, which will appear in September 2020, with 5g, and have a big change in appearance. We expect that in the second half of 2020, in order to support 5g, the design of the metal middle frame will be significantly changed, the sectional design will be more complex, the new process of slotting and injection molding, the assembly with sapphire or glass cover to protect the slotted injection structure, and the appearance design will be significantly changed and similar to the iPhone 4.

From the perspective of time nodes, the release of Apples 5g mobile phone next year is on the horizon. This morning, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom officially launched 5g business package, starting at 128 yuan, which was officially launched on November 1. At the same time, Huawei mate30 series 5g mobile phones equipped with Kirin 9905gsoc and supporting SA / nsa5g dual-mode will be officially launched on November 1.

It can be predicted that in 5g mobile phone market, Apple will launch a new and more fierce competition with Huawei.

Source: responsible editor of 21st century economic report: Wang Xiaowu NF