Malaysias 17-year-old girl died the next day after leaving the hospital in a car accident

 Malaysias 17-year-old girl died the next day after leaving the hospital in a car accident

Recently in Malaysia, a girl just finished her 17th birthday party. Unexpectedly, she had a car accident on her way home. Her friend broke her arm, which made her very anxious. Unfortunately, when she left the hospital the next day, she was in a major car accident on her way home. She was hit and killed on the spot, and her family cried and fainted after hearing the news.

Comprehensive foreign media reported that on October 25 local time, the girl called on her sister and friends to have a party to celebrate her 17th birthday. After the party, the girl took a 20-year-old male friends motorcycle home. Unexpectedly, there was a car accident on the way. The boyfriends arm was injured and broken. The girl was scared to take the boyfriend to the ambulance with the medical staff.

In the early morning of the same day, the girl and a group of friends were in the hospital to accompany the boyfriend. Until about 7 oclock the next morning, the girl decided to drive a motorcycle home, and also carried another boyfriend. Whats more unexpected is that on the way home from the hospital, I was once again hit by a car accident. At the time of the incident, the motorcycle on which the girl and her boyfriend rode collided with another car. The girl was killed in the crash on the spot. The male friend in the back seat also fell to the ground and suffered severe concussion.

The girl was killed just after her birthday, which made her family grieved. Once the incident was exposed on social media, it caused heated discussion among netizens. Many netizens followed the post to feel sorry for the young girl who was in the flower season. Some netizens also said that it was like the evil in the middle, and it was a disaster that never came back, as if he had been stared at by death.

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