Sleeping beauty! Colombias 17-year-old can sleep for up to 70 days

 Sleeping beauty! Colombias 17-year-old can sleep for up to 70 days

Source: New York Post

Oct. 31, the New York Post reported on Oct. 30 that sharik Tovar, a 17-year-old girl from Colombia, often fell asleep for up to 70 days. She had Kleine Levin syndrome, known as sleeping beauty syndrome.

It is reported that sleeping beauty syndrome is a rare nervous system disease, with periodic attacks (weeks or months apart), lasting for 3 to 10 days each time, showing drowsiness, gluttony and abnormal behavior. The medical community has not yet found the cause and treatment of the disease.

According to the New York Post, toval had this strange disease when he was two years old. During her deep sleep, her mother feeds her liquid food every few hours, but she forgets her mothers face briefly when she gets up.

It is understood that the incidence of sleeping beauty syndrome is about one to five parts per million. Ashkenazi Jews have a slightly higher incidence.

The Klein Levin Syndrome Foundation says most patients are healthy when the condition doesnt occur. At present, the medical community speculates that this is an autoimmune disease, which may be caused by the immune system mistaking the brain as an alien invading the human body.

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