Package loan Gang bank swindled 915000 yuan and the victim only received 45000 yuan

 Package loan Gang bank swindled 915000 yuan and the victim only received 45000 yuan

Recently, Longgang police in Shenzhen announced that more than 100 victims have been found all over the country to crack down on the extraordinarily large routine loan criminal gangs. 11 members of the gang defrauded the Bank of 915000 yuan in the form of package loan, and the victims only received 45000 yuan.

On October 31, Longgang police told the upstream news reporter that package loan is a kind of routine loan. Usually it refers to the so-called packaging and promotion of customers credit through various illegal means, so as to make loans to banks and other financial institutions, and then earn the difference. The customer got only a little change in the end, but owed the bank a huge loan.

u25b2 personal information materials of citizens such as bank cards seized by the police. Longgang police map

Registered shell company, packing customer bank loan

According to Longgang police, they found that the criminal gang was reported by Mr. Wang, a citizen, to Li Lang police station.

Mr. Wang is in urgent need of capital turnover because of his business. Because of his lack of personal qualification, he could not apply for a bank loan for the time being. After a friend introduced me to Mr. Li, the other side said that Mr. Wangs intermediary could get the loan after packaging qualification. Mr. Wang readily agreed. Unexpectedly, Mr. Wang received 110000 yuan from the company one after another, but the banks reminder told him that he owed more than 500000 yuan.

Longgang police found that Mr. Wang was not the only victim. According to the preliminary statistics of Longgang police, since 2015, the criminal gang has registered several shell companies to recruit customers from all over the country by means of wechat, QQ online bill or friends introduction. After success, it will charge 35% to 45% of the packaging fee.

There are many ways of package loan, often transferring office location

Longgang police told reporters that the criminal gang is very good at using tricks, not only to take advantage of customers eagerness to use money, but also to make people difficult to detect and even cheat the bank. Generally, there are five steps for packaging loan:

First of all, we should publicize attractive advertisements. By calling, sending SMS, or advertising loan intermediary in wechat group and QQ group, we can attract customers who are in urgent need of funds but do not meet the conditions of bank loans.

Second, detain mobile phone cards and bank cards. Guide customers to apply for new phone cards and bank cards, and then retain customers mobile phone cards and bank cards in the company under the pretext of facilitating bank flow, responding to bank return visit, paying social security and provident fund.

Third, packaging high-income people. Customers are admitted as the top management of the shell company, with high monthly salary, forming bank flow. For example, some customers are packaged as the department manager with a monthly salary of 50000 yuan.

Fourth, guide the handling of loan procedures. Accompany customers to the bank to apply for loans. Specifically guide customers how to fill in forms and respond to bank inquiries, so as to avoid bank queries.

Fifthly, the bank makes money and runs away. After bank lending, most of the money is withheld, only a small part of the money is transferred to stabilize the customer, and then the cicada escapes. Every once in a while, the company will move its offices.

The mobile phone used by the suspect. Longgang police map

More than 100 crimes, victims all over the country

Police told reporters that at present, the police did not find that there were no bank staff involved in the case, and the specific information of members of criminal gangs is not convenient to disclose.

Police said that the group has a strong anti reconnaissance ability. It alters its office space and telephone number from time to time, and the office space is very secret. It usually chooses ordinary apartments, industrial areas or training institutions to rent a room for office, one or two people for office, and does not hang a sign on the door or do not do a logo.

The gang has committed more than 100 crimes by similar means, involving more than 50 million yuan, and the victims are all over the country. In one of the most serious cases, the suspect defrauded the Bank of 915000 yuan through packaging customer qualification, and the victim only received 45000 yuan.

Longgang police said that once trapped in the routine loan trap, not only can not get the loan, but also carry a huge debt. Even if you can make a successful loan through packaging, it will not change the nature of loan fraud. Once found out, it will not only be included in the blacklist of banks and take back loans, but also may violate the criminal law together with loan intermediaries.

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