Storm Group executives have all resigned! Shenzhen Stock Exchange reminds: appointment as soon as possible

 Storm Group executives have all resigned! Shenzhen Stock Exchange reminds: appointment as soon as possible

Shenzhen Stock Exchange also reminded that all directors, supervisors and senior managers of Stormwind group should strictly abide by laws, administrative regulations, departmental rules, normative documents, Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM Listing Rules and other relevant regulations of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, fulfill their duties, fulfill their duties of loyalty and diligence, safeguard the interests of the company and all shareholders, and guarantee that they are willing to provide The disclosed information is true, accurate and complete, and there is no false record, misleading statement or major omission.

On October 30, Stormwind group disclosed the resignation of Zhang Pengyu, deputy general manager, Zhang Lina, chief financial officer and Yu Zhaohui, securities affairs representative.

According to storm group, Zhang Pengyu, the companys deputy general manager, resigned for personal reasons. Zhang Pengyus original term of office expires on December 13, 2020.

Zhang Lina also resigned as CFO of Stormwind group for personal reasons. The original expiration date of Zhang Linas term of office was December 13, 2020.

As of the disclosure date of the announcement, only Zhang Pengyu holds 154100 shares of Stormwind group, and neither Zhang Lina nor Yu Zhaohui holds shares of the company. After resigning, Zhang Pengyu no longer served as the senior management of the company, still served as the person in charge of audio-visual products, Zhang Lina and Yu Zhaohui no longer held any positions in Stormwind group.

Before that, Wang Jing, Secretary of the board of directors, deputy general manager, Zhao Jun, director, LV Ning, deputy general manager, Jiang Hao, director and CFO, and Li Yongqiang, chairman of the board of supervisors, resigned successively.

Loss of 650 million in the first three quarters

At the same time of announcing the resignation of senior executives, Stormwind group released the third quarter of 2019 financial report on the evening of the 30th. According to the financial report, the company achieved revenue of 93.6 million yuan in the first three quarters, a year-on-year decline of 90.95%; net profit loss of 650 million yuan, a year-on-year decline of 184.50%, and a year-on-year loss of 228 million yuan.

Storm group disclosed in its previous performance forecast that in the first three quarters, the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company is expected to lose RMB 151-156 million.

In the secondary market, thanks to the outbreak of blockchain concept stocks, Stormwind group had been up and down for two consecutive days. Since the opening of the trading board on the 29th, the stock price of Stormwind group has continued to decline. It was closed at 4.67 yuan / share as of the 31st opening. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)

Source: Zhongxin Jingwei editor in charge: Qiao JunJing and nbj11279