Theyre not old anymore and the current war reenacts the cruel battlefield

 Theyre not old anymore and the current war reenacts the cruel battlefield

Surviving veterans recall one hour of life and death, vivid images reappear battlefield nightmares

The film exposed the current war version of the clips, depicting the quiet but desperate hour before the war, the inner activities of the soldiers who are about to fight with the enemy. The footage shows the real picture of the soldiers in the rear ready to go. The narration is a painful memory of the surviving veterans of the first World War. The audience can experience the most intuitive and personal feelings of the people who have experienced it. They cant sleep at night because the roar of death is in their ears; they have just become close friends with the soldiers around them, but they dont know whether they can see the sun again tomorrow; they give their precious things to the chief, and a letter of home may become a masterpiece. Some people feel despair, some people are at a loss, but more is helpless and reluctant. As one veteran said: its the shortest and longest hour of your life, and youll find yourself thinking more and more deeply.

In order to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the armistice of the first World War, Peter Jackson, who was good at controlling the grand theme, accepted the invitation of the Imperial War Museum, selected materials from a vast database, and reconstructed peoples imagination of the first World War. He hopes to make the long-standing black-and-white historical materials return to the public vision in a more novel and humanized way. Peter Jackson invited the production team of Lord of the rings and Hobbit again, and cooperated with the top special effects team stereo D studio to repair and color the damaged black-and-white images a century ago, and finally present them in 3D format, so that the fresh life on the battlefield would be lifelike on the screen.

At the same time, most of the traditional documentaries use calm and objective historical facts as narration, while Peter Jackson re edited the interview materials of the surviving veterans to match the picture. They have experienced life and death, so their memories are more precious. Following the Veterans true feelings, audiences from any background can resonate with the stories of their own.

Theyre not getting old anymore is directed by Peter Jackson, director of the Lord of the rings and hobbit series. It will be released on the National Art Federation special line on November 11, and the pre-sale of the film has started.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)