Chinese medicine vinegar mask can freckle? Be careful with your face

 Chinese medicine vinegar mask can freckle? Be careful with your face

Ms. Zhang, 28, lives in Hankou. In recent years, she has more and more spots on her face, though she can rely on makeup to cover up patches every day. But fine make-up is not only time-consuming, but also a burden on the skin. She obviously feels her skin is getting worse and worse.

Two months ago, Ms. Zhang found in her WeChat friends circle that a friend was recommending a product of Chinese herbal vinegar treatment mask, which claimed that many skin problems could be solved after using it, and the effect of whitening and freckle was even more obvious. The price is less than 200 yuan. It can be used for more than two months. Ms. Zhang is moved. With a try attitude, she bought a set.

Reporter observed that the traditional Chinese medicine vinegar treatment mask consists of a can of mask powder and a bottle of vinegar. Product description shows that mask powder is made from Poria cocos, 37, angelica, honeysuckle, dandelion, figurines, Cordyceps, saffron and other 39 rare wild herbal herbs exclusive secret recipe, is now grind together, and generally adhere to the use of 20 to 40 days, can achieve the effect of whitening and freckle elimination.

Skin damage of women after use

When Ms. Liu of Wuchang searched for whitening products on a large e-commerce platform, she accidentally found such products. After some contrast screening, she finally chose a Chinese medicine vinegar treatment mask priced at 168 yuan.

Ms. Liu said that her skin has been black since she was a child. She dare not choose many bright and beautiful clothes. She also feels inferior in some social occasions. Once she had been to a regular hospital to whiten her skin, but the treatment course was long and expensive. She believes that since the main ingredient of the mask is traditional Chinese medicine, many people choose to buy it. It should be guaranteed.

After two months of use, Ms. Liu obviously felt that her skin turned white, so she insisted on using it all the time. After using it for more than three months, she decided to stop for a while and let her skin rest. But without stopping for a few days, her cheeks began to turn red, even itching and pain.

In a hurry, Ms. Liu came to the dermatology department of Wuhan Wuchang hospital for treatment. The doctor diagnosed her with hormone dependent dermatitis. She felt a bit cheated because online shop publicity and production manuals claimed that the mask was purely natural, but if there were no additives, she would not have skin problems.

Potential safety hazards in uneven quality

Can Chinese medicine vinegar treatment mask achieve the effect of whitening and freckle elimination? Is it for everyone?

Zou Xiaoyan, director of the Department of Dermatology, Hubei maternal and child health care hospital, said that pH value (PH) of the human skin surface is weak acidity. The acetic acid content of the Chinese herbal vinegar treatment mask can be directly used on the skin. There is no way to predict it. After use, the pH value of the skin surface will probably be affected, and folliculitis and skin allergy will be found. On the other hand, facial skin has a barrier function. There are many natural moisturizing factors in the skin cell gap. Long term use of Chinese herbal vinegar treatment mask, acidic substances will increase the penetration of traditional Chinese medicine and increase the hydration of skin, which will temporarily achieve whitening effect. However, these ingredients may also affect skin barrier, cause skin barrier dysfunction, cause skin drying and desquamation. Problems such as blushing cheeks. Compared with whitening, freckle needs comprehensive treatment, and no mask or facial mask can be achieved. Online shopping Chinese herbal vinegar treatment mask quality is uneven, long-term use has hidden dangers. Zou Xiaoyan reminded that whitening and freckle removing need to be built on the basis of protecting skin barrier and never lose health for beauty. Do a good job of basic sunscreen, moisturizing and hydrating, skin condition is often not too bad. If you want to further whitening and freckle removal, it is recommended to go to a professional organization. (reporter Li Manying, correspondent Zhou Jianyue, Wen Honglei, Huang jieying)

Source: responsible editor of Chutian Metropolis Daily: Geng Yiwen, nj6040