38000 transactions, No. 55555 mobile phone no. of yilaolaiwei, Luoyang, Henan was auctioned.

 38000 transactions, No. 55555 mobile phone no. of yilaolaiwei, Luoyang, Henan was auctioned.

Recently, the Yichuan court of Luoyang City conducted a judicial auction of the mobile phone number 159 * * 55555 of the executed person through taobao.com judicial auction platform, and concluded the transaction at a price of 38000 yuan. It is understood that the successful judicial auction of mobile phone number is the first case in the court system of Luoyang City, which provides new ideas and new methods for the implementation and handling of cases.

In the case of Liu Mou and Huang Mous private loan dispute, judge Shi Huilin of the Executive Board of Yichuan court did not find that Huang Mou had real estate, land, vehicles and other executable properties under his name through Internet and offline investigation and control, and Huang Mou, the executor, was serving his sentence, and the case fell into a deadlock for a while.

Careful stone law officer found that the mobile phone number with the tail number of 55555 under the name of the executor Huang had certain property value, and then made a detailed research and Analysis on the possibility and method of the implementation of the mobile phone number as a virtual property. After getting the affirmative answer, the mobile phone number was immediately sealed up, and the appraisal company was entrusted for evaluation.

After evaluation, the number is valued at 36000 yuan. Judge Shi immediately started to auction the mobile phone number through Taobao judicial auction platform, and finally concluded the transaction with 38000 yuan. Yichuan courts judicial auction of mobile phone numbers is a new measure in the process of exhausting the implementation measures and innovating the implementation methods, which opens a new way to solve the implementation difficulties.

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