The number of falling stocks exceeds the number of rising stocks, from competing to prompt risks

 The number of falling stocks exceeds the number of rising stocks, from competing to prompt risks

Multiple listed companies

Active announcement of rubbing chain

On October 30, the blockchain plate encountered a cold current, ending the hot market for two consecutive days.

According to the statistics of Dongfang wealth choice, as of yesterdays closing, of the 180 + blockchain concept stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets, only 40 were up, and the trading limit was reduced to 9. On the contrary, there were more than 10 down limit stocks. However, on October 29, there were more than 20 block chain concept stocks trading, and on October 28, there were more than 100 stocks trading collectively.

It is generally believed in the industry that the block chain fever in the capital market is ebbing, and investors are obviously more rational.

In the past few days, with the increasing popularity of blockchain, the number of announcements about the layout of blockchain by Listed Companies in the A-share market has increased significantly. The reporter observed that at least 8 listed companies in the A-share market, such as Jinglan technology and Fenghua Zhuoli, issued announcements to disclose business information related to the blockchain.

It is worth noting that October 28 is the first working day after the good news. Jinglan technologys block chain agricultural production traceability system was disclosed through the block chain service filing announcement on the evening of October 27, with the intention of self-evident. At this time, more than a week has passed since the publication of the filing list. This matter has attracted regulatory attention, requiring Jinglan technology to check whether there is selective information disclosure due to the reason that it failed to disclose in time.

However, successive announcements did not seem to win the markets favor. Yesterday, Jinglan technology shares fell to a halt, closing at 5.18 yuan / share.

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Blockchain has little impact on Performance

According to the statistics of Dongfang fortune choice, from October 28 to 30, due to the rapid rise of stock price, nine listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen, including Xinhu Zhongbao, sunrise Oriental, zhongqingbao and sifangjingchuang, issued risk tips.

Some of the nine companies directly clear the relationship with blockchain. For example, sunrise Oriental said that the company is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of water heater, kitchen electricity, clean energy heating, water purification and other products. At present, the companys business and R & D do not involve the relevant blockchain field, and the main business has not changed. As Vico technology said, the companys main business is lithium-ion battery production and sales, not involving blockchain related businesses, and there is no investment in blockchain related industries.

Some think that even if blockchain business is involved, its impact on the main business is very limited. Typical companies such as Sifang Jingchuang said that the contribution of blockchain revenue to the companys performance in the first three quarters of 2019 is very small, accounting for only 0.33% of the companys total revenue in the first three quarters, and there is still uncertainty about the impact on the companys performance in the future. There are also companies investing in blockchain companies that have not yet made profits. Xinhu Zhongbao, who holds 49% of the shares of the blockchain company, said, at present, the revenue and profit of the blockchain technology have not reached a certain scale. In 2018, the company recognized an investment profit and loss of - 11.64 million yuan, which will not have a direct impact on the companys business performance in the short term.

To this end, Wang Jiaping, a former researcher in charge of Microsoft Research Institute, told Securities Daily, now, before any technology is adopted to a certain scale, it is basically hard to recover the R & D cost, so the blockchain technology is the same. Before the standardized application, there is almost no real profit.

Any new technology will go through a series of evolutions, such as theoretical breakthrough, performance improvement, scale deployment, experience optimization, etc., which may lead to the improvement of existing business efficiency or even the birth of new business. Lets take a look at the Internet and AI. TCPIP was first deployed in the 1970s, while the popular deep neural network model now appears in the 1960s. These revolutionary bottom technologies are all from high cost, low efficiency, small scale, narrow scope of application step by step optimization iteration to today, after 40 to 50 years. The blockchain system, which was first deployed in 2009, is only ten years old. It is far from the stage of mature technology and large-scale use. Wang Jiaping further analyzed to reporters.

Zuo Peng, founder of Jinqiu technology, analyzes the reasons why blockchain is difficult to generate profits from the perspective of industrial technology integration. Zuo Peng told Securities Daily that in order to realize the application of greater value, blockchain needs the cooperation of multiple complex scenes such as cross industry and cross department, and some scenes need to be led by the government to be built efficiently; secondly, blockchain is a background technology, which needs to be combined with other technologies to realize the vision of connecting industrial Internet. For example, in the field of supply chain, blockchain is the empowerment of information flow, while the monitoring of logistics and the collection of relevant information need the Internet of things technology. In the final analysis, blockchain still needs to be combined with 5g, the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other new generation information technologies, so as to make blockchain truly land in various industries and return to the essence of serving the real economy. He said.