Exposure of positions held by private tycoons: Feng liuxinjin, 7 shares, Zhao Jun, staring at Huayu software

 Exposure of positions held by private tycoons: Feng liuxinjin, 7 shares, Zhao Jun, staring at Huayu software

According to wind data, the reporter combed the positions of Danshui spring, Gaoyi asset, Jinglin investment, Chongyang investment and other well-known private equity institutions. The results show that the positions of some private equity institutions in the third quarter have changed significantly compared with the previous quarter. Among them, Feng Liu, known as folk expert, entered seven new stocks in the third quarter.

However, some private placements did not have new stocks in the third quarter, and they still stick to their previous positions.

Feng Lius super Bull Stock

According to wind data, as of the afternoon of October 30, Gao yilinshan No.1 Yuanwang fund managed by Feng Liu appeared among the top ten circulating shareholders in the third quarter of 21 listed companies, holding a total stock market value of 6.485 billion yuan, which is the sunshine private placement product with the largest market value of listed companies with public data disclosure.

From the perspective of position change, Feng Liu entered seven new stocks in the third quarter, namely Lear chemical, Hangzhou fork group, Zhongqi stock, Wanxing technology, sincerity pharmaceutical, long-term logistics and Xinwangda. The seven companies cover six different industries, including chemical raw materials, general equipment, software and information technology, pharmaceutical manufacturing, business services, electrical machinery, etc.

The results of the three quarters of the above seven stocks are not absolutely brilliant. Among them, Hangzhou fork group, Wanxing technology, Chengxin pharmaceutical and Xinwangda achieved double growth in operating revenue and net profit in the third quarter compared with the same period of last year, while the other three companies experienced a decline in revenue or profit.

Specifically, the operating revenue and net profit of Zhongqi in the third quarter decreased by 17.51% and 56.98% respectively year on year; the operating revenue of long-term logistics in the third quarter decreased by 12% year on year, but the net profit increased by 7.36% year on year; the operating revenue of Lear chemical in the third quarter increased by 2.1% year on year, but the net profit decreased by 51.97% year on year.

Although the third quarters revenue of some stocks fell year on year, the overall performance was in line with expectations, and the future space is worth looking forward to, and this kind of target also has the value of holding, said a private equity person in Shenzhen.

In the third quarter of the year-on-year decline in net profit of Lear chemical, there are many sellers shouting optimistic slogans, a number of securities companies to the stock buy or increase rating.

Among them, Wanlian securities analysis pointed out that the decline of Lear chemicals profitability is mainly caused by the sharp decline in the market price of the main product glyphosate, but it is optimistic about the companys future production capacity and cost competitive advantage.

In addition to the seven new shares mentioned above, Feng Liu increased his holdings in Longping high tech, Qizheng Tibetan medicine and Daimei in the third quarter, of which Longping high tech obtained a large increase of 12 million shares, but the companys performance was not outstanding. In the first three quarters of 2019, Longping hi tech realized an operating revenue of 1.199 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 17.66%; and a net profit of - 269 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 447.90%.

It is worth mentioning that in the third quarter, Feng Liu also reduced his holdings of five stocks, including Jinyu medical, Guangri, Kangyuan pharmaceutical, hailide and Lingrui pharmaceutical. Among them, golden domain medicine is a well-known Bull Stock, and its third quarter report is also more brilliant, with net profit increasing by more than 100% year on year. However, in the third quarter, Feng Liu reduced his holdings of 13.5 million shares in Jinyu medicine, retaining only 8.5 million shares. The move is largely driven by the need to put the bag in safety. Since the end of last year, Feng Liu bought Jinyu medicine, which has risen 140% this year.

In addition to Feng Liu, Deng Xiaofeng, another big trump fund manager under Gaoyi asset management, entered Zijin Mining and Wandong Medical in the third quarter, and the increase and decrease of holding was not too big.

Zhaojun new Huayu software

Compared with Feng Lius large-scale new stock situation, other private tycoons action range is relatively small.

In terms of Danshui spring under Zhao Juns control, many stocks in the third quarter were in the same position as the previous quarter. Among them, in the third quarter of Danshui spring select phase I securities investment trust, gol shares, Puyang Huicheng, Qiming Xingchen, Chihong Zinc and germanium, new world, and mengbaihe held the same positions as in the second quarter; in addition, the fund increased its positions in crystal optoelectronics, Sanhuan group and Wuyi, China, with 28513000 shares, 22225000 shares and 14135000 shares respectively.

Many securities companies also give high expectations to the stock, and give a buy or increase rating to the stock. Among them, CITIC Securities pointed out that information technology application services will be a rare opportunity for Huayu software. Taking this opportunity, it is expected that the company will continue to expand its market share in the advantageous fields and expand new subdivisions of e-government. In the short term, we have achieved high-speed growth in performance and opened up more market space in the long term.

In addition to Gaoyi assets and Danshui spring mentioned above, the reporter noted that, according to the current data, Jinglin assets, Qianhe capital, Chongyang investment and other well-known private equity companies had no new shares in the third quarter, only made some increase or decrease in their original positions.

Among them, Jinglin Global Fund under Jinglin assets increased its holdings of Dahua shares by 2.2588 million shares in the third quarter, reaching 28.9784 million shares at the end of the report, with a market value of 500 million yuan; meanwhile, Xingxiang enterprising Jinglin No.1 securities investment collective fund trust under Jinglin assets reduced its holdings of 1.0634 million shares of fuanna, the leading home textile company, and the remaining 6.8387 million shares.

In addition, for the fourth consecutive quarter, Yunfeng securities investment trust, under the leadership of Wang Yawei, reduced its holdings of Sanju environmental protection Co., Ltd. in its heavy position. In the third quarter, it reduced its holdings by 5.2825 million shares, leaving only 36.3175 million shares, corresponding to the stock market value of 226 million yuan.

Source: editor in charge of economic report in the 21st century: Ren Hui, nbj9607