The death toll from a train fire in Pakistan climbed to 62

 The death toll from a train fire in Pakistan climbed to 62

Overseas network, October 31, according to Russian satellite network, local time, 31, Pakistan, a train fire, the death toll has climbed to 62.

According to reports, the accident occurred near the city of liyaquatpur in Punjab, Pakistan, and the fire was caused by an explosion of a gas cylinder carried by a passenger. Two stoves exploded at the time of the incident, and someone was cooking at the time, which increased the fire, said Sheikh Rashid, Pakistans Railway minister. Bakil Hussain, head of the rescue service in the area, said many people jumped off the train to escape the fire.

Meanwhile, Pakistans prime minister, Imran Khan, has expressed condolences to the victims and their families and asked relevant institutions to provide the best possible medical help to the wounded.

Local officials also said the incident would not affect train schedules and the railway would be back in operation in just a few hours.

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