Foie gras ban passed in New York: effective at the end of 2022

 Foie gras ban passed in New York: effective at the end of 2022

[global network report] the famous French foie gras has been removed by New York, one of the largest international cities in the world.

On October 30 local time, the City Council of New York, the largest city in the United States, passed a bill by an overwhelming majority of 42 votes in favor of and 6 votes against: the city will ban the sale of foie gras from 2022, AFP reported.

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Lawmakers ruled it cruel to force ducks and geese to feed them fat livers for human consumption, the report said. For this reason, New York City will prohibit any restaurant from selling, supplying or even owning foie gras. According to the act, the ban will enter into force in October 2022, and violators will be fined between $500 and $2000.

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As soon as the bill was passed, there was support and opposition from the outside world.

This is a historic day for New York City to protect animal rights, said one animal rights activist. Previously, critics said that the process of making foie gras or duck liver was very cruel. In order to make the goose or duck liver grow to more than 10 times the normal value, the breeders often forced feeding ducks and geese through a tube.

However, the farmers who supply foie gras complain bitterly. They think their practices are not cruel, and activists exaggerate the suffering of animals. To this end, some even threatened to take legal action.

Were going to hit them hard in court, said iz Yane, co-founder of Hudson Valley foie gras, one of New Yorks leading foie gras producers, who said the ban would hit her business hard. I have 400 employees who have worked for me for 30 years, and this is a disaster for them.

At present, the bill only needs to be signed by Mayor Bai Sihao to take effect, the report said.

In January, the U.S. Supreme Court passed the foie gras ban in California, stipulating that selling and eating foie gras without permission in California will be punished by 1000 dollars. The ruling also ended a 15 year long judicial dispute.

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