WCBA preseason Xinjiang station will play 6 games in 3 days on November 8

 WCBA preseason Xinjiang station will play 6 games in 3 days on November 8

In the interview, Ma Jun, chairman of Xinjiang Tianshan womens basketball club, said: with the concern of the Party committee and the government of the autonomous region, especially the concern of the central leadership, our two teams in Xinjiang have a place in the whole country, which is also the effort of the whole Xinjiang to love the basketball people of all ethnic groups, the crystallization of everyones common struggle, and our games have also been supported by the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. Hold. Its a great pleasure to come to the beautiful Changji Prefecture of Xinjiang. Id like to thank the Changji Basketball Association and the county Party committee and government of jimusar for their support and efforts to meet the teams of four provinces and cities.

Today, Xiaobian brought you the latest preview of the preseason, isnt it a little exciting? Dont talk too much. Keep reading.

In October 2018, jimusar county was selected as one of the top 100 counties and cities with investment potential in 2018. Jimusar county is located in the eastern end of the northern foot of Tianshan Mountain in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the southeast edge of Junggar basin, Qitai County in the East, Fukang City in the west, karamaili mountain and Fuyun County in the north, Bogda Mountain Watershed in the south, Turpan region and Urumqi city.

The county seat is 167 kilometers away from Urumqi, the capital of the autonomous region, and 200 kilometers away from Changji, the capital of Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture. The county covers a total area of 8848 square kilometers, with three townships, six towns and 206 administrative villages under its jurisdiction. There are two regiments in the Sixth Agricultural Division of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, 13 ethnic groups including Han, Hui, Kazak, Uygur and Mongolian, with a total population of 132000, of which 29% are ethnic minorities. In 2001, it was approved by the State Council as a county open to the outside world, and won the titles of national advanced county in scientific and technological progress, national science popularization Demonstration County, famous historical and cultural city of autonomous region, Garden County of autonomous region, and advanced county in the new trend of marriage and childbearing in autonomous region. Beiting xidasi temple was rated as a national level education base for ethnic unity, and 16 units were awarded at or above the level of autonomous region.

The pre-season competition of WCBA League in 2019-2020 is scheduled to be held in jimusar County gymnasium, Changji Prefecture, Xinjiang from November 8 to 10, 2019.

The competition will last for three competition days. The participating teams are: Xinjiang Tianshan, Shandong Xiwang, Fujian Zhongteng and Tianjin Guanlan. Four WCBA teams will bring six wonderful previews for fans and friends before the start of the new season at the gymsar County Stadium.

Jimusar county is 167 kilometers away from Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, 200 kilometers away from Changji, the capital of Xinjiang, and 160 kilometers away from Xinjiang International Airport.

In terms of Railway: the railway from Urumqi north station to quasi northeast station has been officially opened to traffic.

In terms of highway: the Tu Wu Da high-grade highway crossing the county, the national highway 216 will lead to Altay area, and the provincial highway 303 will lead to Hami throughout the country, which is a road out of Xinjiang; the road from the county seat to the north can lead to Zhundong Wucaiwan; the road from the county seat to the South can lead to Turpan area through cheshigu Road, which is convenient for land transportation.

Jimusar County gymnasium is located in the north of Fuyuan Road and the south of Wenhua West Road. It has one floor above the ground and two floors partially. The building height is 15.45 meters, the total building area is 7499.18 square meters, the total number of seats is 1380, the indoor basketball court of 1000 square meters and the indoor comprehensive functional area of 1800 square meters.


If you cant come to the scene, you dont have to worry. Remember the time of each game. Netease News Xinjiang will broadcast the live game on time. All you need to do is download Netease app, so you wont miss it! Lets call in front of the screen!

I wish our Xinjiang womens basketball team good results!

Source: editor in charge of sports of Netease: Ma bile, ns4800