Leonards yacht lost to Sir Conley, 29 + 5, Mitchell 24 + 5

 Leonards yacht lost to Sir Conley, 29 + 5, Mitchell 24 + 5

Ludwig started with 24 points in three quarters

The Clippers opted for Leonards rotation, with Ludwig starting instead. After the start of the game, the clippers were mainly anti tourists. They tried to speed up their counterattack. Zubates scored 6 points, while Dewey scored 5 points. They led the team to lead 13-8. Bogdanovic hit back 5 points to draw, Harrell came on as a substitute to dunk, Conley shot back, and the two teams drew 15. After 17-21, Mitchell got 4 points in penalty. The Jazz opened fire on the outside. Green and Ingels took turns to make three points. They led the team to finish the first quarter with a 12-2 attack wave. The Jazz led by 10 points with 33-23.

Shortly after the start of the second quarter, green of clippers hit three points to narrow the gap. Ingels and green joined hands to fight back with seven points, and the Jazz opened up their advantage to 14 points. After that, the two teams saw several rounds. Patterson hit three points, while Dewey kept attacking and scored five points. They led the team to hit 10-0 counterattack. The clippers were 46-48 in 2:25 before half-time. Conley broke through and held the lead. Shamet made a three-point foul. The Clippers fell 1 point 51-52 at the end of the half.

Utahs Mitchell scored 10 points in the first half and Bogdanovic 9 points; Clippers Wayne scored 16 points and four assists.

The Clippers started the third quarter with four points in a row, and they took the lead. Mitchell attacked and hit two goals. Conley found the outside hand and made two three-point pitches. He scored 12 points alone. They led the team to a small climax of 16-2. The Jazz team led by 68-57 and 11 points. Shamet shot for the team to temporarily stop bleeding, Bogdanovic and Ingels took turns to hit three points, they led the team to take another 10 points, the Jazz opened the advantage to 19 points. Rowe scored two goals in an attempt to chase points, Conley hit two hot three-point goals, and the Jazz led 21 points 86-65 with 3:45 left in the quarter. Harrell recovered four points, Davis scored a breakthrough, Moodys layup scored, and the Jazz led by 19 points 90-71 at the end of the three quarters.

Mitchell and Davis started the fourth quarter with six points, with the Jazz leading by 23 points. Jamichael green burst out with three three-point goals in a row, one player scoring 11 points in a row, and the Clippers caught up to 84-97 with 6:20 left in the fourth quarter. Conley bounced back, Robinson chased 5 points in a row, and the clippers were only 10 points behind. Conley kept his touch for another three points, and Gerber and Mitchell joined hands for four, with the Jazz leading 106-89. The clippers, who fell behind in the big score, disarmed the main team and the Jazz won 110-96. Starting lineup of clippers: Beverly, Ludwig, shamet, Patterson, and jazz zubates starting lineup: Conley, Mitchell, ONeill, Bogdanovic, and Gerber. Source: Netease sports Author: Xiao Liu editor in charge: Gong Hao ufe50 nb12610

Clippers starting lineup: Beverly, Dewey, shamet, Patterson, zurbatz