63 year old mans request for his wife: half of his pension is for living and half is for his children

 63 year old mans request for his wife: half of his pension is for living and half is for his children

On a dating show, a 63 year old man was turned off by a younger woman as soon as he came on stage. Even a fashionable woman who was only three years younger than him frankly said, you are really a little old. I want to find someone younger than myself.

Recently, in a letter received by Mingyi, there was also a 63 year old man named Huang. He said, I dont feel old, but my wife has been away for many years, and my children have got married. I feel lonely and want to remarry and find a future wife, but I have conditions...

Mr. Huang has an outgoing personality, likes traveling and drinking. He has many friends. Its not a problem to find a new wife. But what he didnt expect is that he only put forward a request, but the old companion hasnt been successful.

Mr. Huang, 63, has high blood pressure and diabetes. He takes medicine all the year round, but he is healthy as long as he lives properly. His retirement salary is more than 3800. He said that next year, its estimated that it will be 4000 yuan, which cant be spent. One son and one daughter are married to another province. His son is a bit careless and doesnt come to see him once a month. So he said, we still have to have a companion.

As for his request for marriage, Mr. Huang said: the other party must have a pension. It doesnt matter how much. Its better to have a house, live and rent one in the future. The rent can be used for our common life or travel. Speaking of how to deal with the common life, Mr. Huang said, my pension has always been taken by my son. I repay more than 3000 house loans every month. After I remarry, I can ask for half of it, about 2000, for my life with my wife.

More than 2000 living expenses, for an elderly person, may be able to live a stable life. However, it is Mr. Huangs practice of half of the pension is used for life, half is handed over to his children, which makes the women who come to meet each other retreat again and again.

The first to reject Mr. Huang was Aunt Chen, 56, who was introduced by a neighbor. She had a daughter who had already got married and owned a house. Her pension was about 3000. The reason why she refused to accept Mr. Huang was say that 2000 yuan is used for the life after remarriage, but how much money does he get from taking medicine in a month? Without the medicine money, the living expenses are not enough. Do you want me to be a paid nanny?

The second person who refused to accept Mr. Huang was Aunt Liu, who met in the old age activity room last month. She was one year younger than Mr. Huang and had no idea of remarriage. Mr. Huang had been pursuing others. Aunt Lius son is far away from Beijing after marriage, so she also wants to have a wife to share her old age, but she broke up after less than 20 days. The reason is that I have a pension of more than 5000 a month, and I dont care about money, but when I see him asking for the half of his pension with his son at the end of the month, I feel uncomfortable. Like begging, saying good words, dont you think Cant you be the master of your pension? My child never calculated my pension, but his son would hate not to give a cent, so he felt uncomfortable when he thought about it...

The break-up with Aunt Liu made Mr. Huang reluctant all the time, but he thought he was right, because after all, he is the old companion. He asked, is it wrong that half of my pension is for life and half is for my children?