If girls call you by these four names, then marry her quickly!

 If girls call you by these four names, then marry her quickly!

As soon as I see this address, I know that girls are the kind of lively and lovely girls who like to straighten you out. But I can see from this address that the relationship between you two is very good. Although you are always fighting and making noise, the better the relationship between the two, the more they like to be connected with each other! Boys pay attention. The more girls call you, the more they like you.

3. wood

If a girl scolds a boy, in fact, she thinks that you are a straight man or a straight man who doesnt understand the customs. If you are lucky enough to hear this sentence, you should reflect on whether you ignore some hints given by the girl, which will make the girl angry and scold you.

4. Villain / villain

Does that mean youre really bad in her heart when she calls you that? The answer, of course, is No. However, this sentence let the boy say it is really another meaning. When a girl says this word, if you use the voice of whine, you have to keep an eye on it. Why does a girl say it to you instead of others? Its just that she is interested in you. Saying you are bad is actually praising you. No girl likes bad boys. She is politely telling you that she likes you. Straight men should not be stupid.