I dont hate you, but I wont forgive you

 I dont hate you, but I wont forgive you

When she went to school, she took part in the singing competition of the school. One day when she practiced singing, the music teacher who was the conductor suddenly threw the baton, jumped down from the stage, listened to everyones singing with his ears on one side, walked into the team and his neck askew.

At last, Tieqing stopped in front of Bi Shumin. She crossed her waist and said word by word:

Bi Shumin, I always hear someone out of tune on the podium. I dont know who it is. Now its finally found out. Its you! A rat shit spoils a pot of soup! Now Im removing you!

The sudden blow stunned Bi Shumin. She could only lower her head and move out of the team, shamed and embarrassed.

Later, the music teacher found her again and said impatiently, how can you grow so tall when you are young?

Bi Shumin bows his neck and collapses his waist. From then on, this posture runs through her whole youth and youth.

Because there was no substitute temporarily, the music teacher asked Bi Shumin to stand in the team and act as a wooden man who could not make a sound. The little Bi Shumin, whose soul was devastated, left the problem that he could not sing any more.

Many years later, Bi Shumin has forgotten the name of the teacher, and can understand her intentions and pains at that time, but it is unable to erase the sad memory left by the music teacher in her young heart - the burn red scars still burn and smoke decades later.

Some people may think that the author himself is too affectable. Which student hasnt been punished by the teacher?

I think everyone has heard forget his hurt to you, dont punish yourself with other peoples mistakes, to let others go is to let yourself go... Such chicken soup;

However, for a person who has hurt his heart and even left indelible pain for his future life, want to forgive? easier said than done!

Like in the movie seaside Manchester,

Not all mistakes can be forgiven, not all pain can be healed, there is always time and powerless things.

Yes, once the heart is broken, it will always be broken.

Do I have to forgive you if you apologize for your mistake?

Since it cant go, let it go. There is no rule that people must learn to forgive.


I was impressed by the next friends answer:

I did well in the college entrance examination at that time. I had no problem in the last University.

I didnt expect that on the last day of the batch deadline in advance, my aunt said its good to read free normal students with my mother. My parents forced me to fill in free normal students in a normal university.

Rejection is pale. Although I finally went to school to get rid of teachers, I had a confused and painful life in University for four years.

Now when I come out to work, I can see the future at a glance, and I have lost the motivation to move forward completely.

They didnt care what I was thinking. They didnt know what kind of child I was to manipulate my life.

But I can only say: I can understand them, but I will not forgive them.

If you choose to forgive, you choose to hide your grievances in your heart. As time goes by, others will be able to make progress and feel at ease.

And dont want to forgive, because there is a wound in the heart, just like a stone mixed in the shell, always with meat, and pain and no way to take it out.

Sometimes, not in it, can not feel the same.

People who have heard the story of the farmer and the snake all know that the farmers kindness is ultimately rewarded with that poisonous tooth.

When someone slaps you, its OK to say, you still remember that for such a long time, everyone is joking.

Yes, slap didnt hit you in the face. Of course, you dont know what pain is. Time will only precipitate memory, but not reduce pain.

Some injuries really take a long time to heal, long enough for others to forget, but you still cant let go.

What if we return good for evil? How to repay your kindness!

Someone asked Cai Lan: revenge or forget?

Only I know, I cant let go, because Im not willing.

Many people like to boast that they are knife mouth and tofu heart, but they dont know that some people are knife mouth and knife heart, stabbing the heart hard.

The so-called past is just time pushing you forward, man, there is no need to force yourself to be a sage, since you cant forget it, remember it.

Life is short, the person who should not be wronged in this life is himself, not entangled, not forgotten, is a persons greatest accomplishment to himself.


The best revenge is not hatred, but the coldness from the bottom of my heart. Why bother to hate an irrelevant person?

I think so.

At the beginning, Xu Zhimo and Lin Hui died and survived because of their love. Zhang Youyis shadow had long disappeared from their hearts.

After returning home, she became a German teacher and opened the first fashion shop in Shanghai. Her business was very successful. Zhang Youyi, who left Xu Zhimo, became the queen of attention.

In Xu Zhimos eyes, Zhang Youyi is cowardly, ignorant, vulnerable and has no female charm.

After the divorce, they ran into each other at a dinner party. When everyone was wondering whether they would be embarrassed to meet each other, Zhang Youyi said lightly, it doesnt matter. I dont mind.

I dont know if theres ups and downs under the calm water like appearance of this sentence, and Im not sure if Zhang Youyi has forgiven the man who forced her to have an abortion or divorce, but at least she has made a handshake with herself.

As she said: life is always on its own to complete their own.

What you should be most distressed about is the one who woke up suddenly and burst into tears in your sleep.

Those who started under the guise of hurt makes you stronger, hurt is hurt. Without these hurt, I will become stronger.

Forgive? I dont want one.

I like Angela Changs sentence in Tucao conference.

I dont forgive those who hurt me. They just remind me not to be like that. I would rather go against the current than drift with it. Kindness is just a choice.

Compared with youre the best, can you... What you think is more important. The focus of life should be yourself.

So, those past injuries, you cant forget and dont have to forgive, cant be generous and dont have to be brave.

Human relationship is like meeting each other at the beginning, but there is no resentment at the end of life.

You cant remonstrate with those who go, and you can still pursue those who come. You still have to look forward to your life.

May good and evil be rewarded at last, and you have a Jianghu heart to find a happy life.


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