Deepen cooperation, play together with club a

 Deepen cooperation, play together with club a

As a pioneer and witness of the domestic table game industry, the game card has been committed to promoting the development and popularization of domestic table game culture through various practical actions for more than ten years: building an industry information exchange platform, strengthening cooperation and dialogue between the upper and lower games; opening an offline table game experience store, organizing professional table game e-games; launching the worlds original Create board game design competition and encourage originality... Asmodee, as an international well-known board game enterprise, is a real strong cooperation with the game card. Through continuous exploration and trial, both sides can break the situation for the development of the board game industry, not only expanding the influence of the board game in China, but also accelerating the integration with the international industry.

As a famous table game group with extensive influence in more than 50 countries around the world, asmodee has created numerous amazing table games products, bringing classic table games such as Miller Valley werewolf, picture story, Dabao, bright gem, seven wonders and time watch to the Chinese market. Since entering the Chinese market in 2012, asmodee has been hoping to make more Chinese players feel the charm brought by table games and enrich the cultural and entertainment life of the Chinese public.

Nowadays, the concept of Pan entertainment industry and new culture in China has attracted more and more attention from the public. As an important branch of the industry, the board game industry should not be limited to the small circle, which is the consensus between the game card and asmodee. They believe that promoting the culture and concept of table games can not only rely on one or two enterprises, the industry needs to find more innovative ideas.

In 2019, game card and asmodee will continue to carry out multiple cooperation around the goal of promoting table game culture and enriching public cultural life. In addition to bringing a number of foreign high-quality core table games such as black angel and melting key secret place to domestic table game players, they will actively join hands to explore more industry playing methods and possibilities, hoping to expand the influence of table games and lead the new cultural trend.

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