On the way to build an original board game ecosystem

 On the way to build an original board game ecosystem

Looking back on the first WODC, the Organizing Committee of card and table games received 99 contributions from 12 countries and regions around the world. After detailed testing and many discussions, the organizing committee finally awarded the first WODC awards, and successfully signed the gold and silver awards.

It is worth mentioning that the contribution platform of the second WODC has also been opened. As the organizer of the competition, the tour card has set up an event bonus of up to 9000 US dollars, and will provide support for the competition in terms of publishing production, promotion support, professional selection, etc.

The game card and table games express the hope that through extensive solicitation of original table games works from global table game enthusiasts, collection of advantageous resources to support the original, round table game enthusiasts and designers original dreams, as well as to help optimize the ecological environment of the table game industry.

Table games blog -- encourage original excellent products in table games industry

10 years as one day, board game Chronicle led a generation of 10 postgraduates into the pit of table games, and built a rainbow bridge to the infinite unknown country for countless new players. In this BGM exhibition, the board game journal presented awards to the most popular Chinese board game, the best original board game, the best board game art, the best party board game and the most expected board game respectively from the perspective of players, aiming to encourage excellent products in the board game industry and hope that the domestic board game market can break out with greater and stronger strength.

Board game circle: reward the original evaluation writer of the board game industry

Board game circle by rewarding the excellent writers in the board game industry, let everyone have more interest and confidence in the board game and board game industry, which is also the biggest incentive to support the original board game design in the future.

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