Real Madrids 18-year-old new lottery won out 19-year-old senior! Can he replace bell?

 Real Madrids 18-year-old new lottery won out 19-year-old senior! Can he replace bell?

Rodrigo scored the first goal for Real Madrid in their 5-0 win over leganese. Benzema swept the ball to the middle on the right side of the penalty area and Rodrigo blocked the ball into the net at close range. In La Liga, Rodrigo scored two goals with only three shots. His first goal was the world wave after cycling.

Rodrigo played mainly on the right wing in this early mornings game, but sometimes he moved to the left. On the right, Rodrigo has a strong vertical breakthrough ability. In the 30th minute, Rodrigo had to rely on speed to break after feeding the cake, but its a pity that Baldwin kicked the goal to fly.

Rodrigo has all started in the last two games. In sharp contrast to him is venezus. Against Galatasaray, venezus was only on the bench. Tonight, the unhurt and unhealthful venezus was simply kicked out of the squad. Rodrigo has been recruited into the latest Brazilian team, while vinesius has been voted out of the national team for two consecutive terms.

These two Brazilian attackers are totally different in their characteristics. Rodrigo in addition to the physical resistance is slightly weak, football IQ, technology, speed, shooting skills are the best of their peers. Venezuelan is physically strong, but its too sticky. He didnt score well after the break, and the difference in his shooting skills was even more jaw dropping. Rodrigo is willing to go back in defense, while venezus is not willing to waste energy in his own half.

Whats more, they are very different on the field. Rodrigo can appear in the wingers position, after the game he also said that play any position no problem. And vinesius will only play on the left, but Zidane love will Azar firmly occupy the starting left front position. Rodrigo is expected to be Real Madrids main right winger in the face of buskers low form and Bells falling out with Zidane.

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