Double eleven year activity of night travel record of the capital of God opened today

 Double eleven year activity of night travel record of the capital of God opened today

This years double eleven annual activity starts today. From now on to 24 oclock on November 10, the demon subduing division can carry out a pre card drawing activity of double eleven spirit gathering once a day free of charge. After the pre card drawing, you can check the harvest at will, but it cant be taken out for the moment. Within ten times and ten times, you must get SSR spirit! From November 11 to 14:00 on November 21, the demon subduing division can decide whether to take out the harvest according to the result of pre card drawing. On the double 11 day, only half the price is required, and the rest of the time can enjoy a 60% discount! At the same time, the demon subduing master who has not drawn 110 cards in advance can spend 10 jade Bi for ten consecutive times, until the total number of 110 calls for spirit is filled, and then take out the gains.

As of November 7, the seven limited SSR spirits of Nian Shou, Ying long, Shan GUI, Bai she, Mo Yun, Qi Luo and Change will also join the double eleven year limited activity call pool, and get the probability increase in sequence every day. The call probability of the spirits related to the wonderful painting thousand mountains u00b7 copying activity and Tuoyin will also be increased. The activity backtracking function will be enabled. During the double eleven period, the demon subduing Division will You can buy retrospective props at a discount of 70% in the retrospective store. After use, you can re experience the weaving stars, dreams and three lives re engraving activity (excluding full-service divination), where to send the pure sound when snow falls re engraving activity or climbing the moon and drinking the light together activity, and open the 72 hour time limit card pool of the corresponding activity. At the same time, the demon subduer can also enjoy the glass illusion and The benefits of reducing physical strength by half in five elements cultivation!

A thousand mountains of fine brushwork are included in the painting

From now on to 14 oclock on November 14, the demon subduing master can receive rich rewards after signing in, and can participate in the activity of painting thousands of mountains and re carving to collect tears of chimaera. There is also a copy of tears of chimaera in the picture waiting for challenge, which can only be challenged three times, and a large number of tears of chimaera will fall every time he passes the customs. After completing three challenges, he can obtain a large amount of tears of chimaera at one time. According to the chimaera The number of tears, the demon subduing Division will get the corresponding Yubi, qingtuan food box, chaos Hongyuan and other attractive rewards!

During the re engraving of linkage activities, the demon subduing Division will have the probability to obtain ochre, stone green and stone green in the daily copy. They are not only the ore pigments for drawing the famous painting thousand li River and mountain map, but also rare awards such as gold breakthrough materials in Jingwei small shop.

After todays update, the fourth batch of spirits transformation and reconstruction was launched. The four spirits, Yinglong, Nian beast, Xian Chan and mirage gas demon, can change their bones in the golden wind. The rain and dew have been reincarnated and strengthened, and their combat power has been greatly increased. The demon subduing division can also purchase the transformation special gift package launched by the demon subduing division within a limited time to obtain the materials and other rewards needed for transformation and reconstruction.

On November 1, the 10th Lingqi evaluation dragon battle was closed, and the 11th Lingqi evaluation floating frost was opened simultaneously. After completing all the examinations in this period, the demon subduing division can obtain the awards of Jingwei collection appearance green bird feather wind and magic true and green bird (the appearance of Jingwei green bird feather wind is exclusive. The SR spirit Lingxi a Miao will also be included in the Lingqi award, waiting for the call of the demon subduing division.

From 0:00 on November 2 to 24:00 on November 3, version 1.1 of demon game will be opened again. After adjustment, the demon subduing masters will get a better experience of playing chess. After that, demon game will also optimize the battle interface, combination of spirits, costume, special mechanism, etc. to make the game more strategic and interesting.

Neteases new concept monster masterpiece the night travel of Shendu, the activity of wonderful painting, thousand mountains and recollection opened today, and the double eleven year activity opened in full swing. Now log in to the game, enjoy the carnival benefits, and travel the beautiful river and mountain!

The beauty of national rhyme belongs to the prosperous Tang Dynasty. Netease new concept monster mobile game Shendu night travel record is a national style monster collection RPG mobile game! In the game, you can encounter thousands of ghosts and experience the most beautiful scenario! Tang Dynasty, national rhyme aesthetics, let you experience the spirit of the wind! Every day when monsters make trouble, its the time when the demon subduing division appears. Lets go into the world of Guofeng monsters!

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