Six Syrian soldiers were killed in the first direct fire between Turkish and Syrian government forces

 Six Syrian soldiers were killed in the first direct fire between Turkish and Syrian government forces

Beijing, Oct. 31 (Xinhua) - Syrian government forces and Turkish forces opened fire on each other for the first time since Turkey attacked northeastern Syria in early October, killing at least six Syrian militants, foreign media reported.

On October 12 local time, it can be seen from the Turkish border that there was an explosion in the Syrian town of rasian, raising thick smoke.

According to reports, the two sides exchanged fire near assadia, south of the Syrian border town of rasain.

A war observer said that on the 29th, the Syrian army and the Turkish army broke out fierce conflict for the first time, Turkish artillery killed 5 government forces in the battle in the village of asadiya.

He added that pro Ankara militants used by Turkey as the main ground force executed a Syrian government soldier they had captured

On October 9, Turkey launched a military operation in northern Syria called the fountain of peace. The Erdogan government claims that its goal is to clear Kurdish forces in the border area and establish a 30 kilometer long buffer zone in northern Syria, where more than 3 million Syrian refugees in Turkey will resettle.

On October 22, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Erdogan signed a memorandum of understanding with ten clauses. It stipulates that from 12:00 on October 23, 2019, Russian military police and Syrian border guard forces will enter the area outside the spring of peace area of Turkish military operations on the Syrian side of the Turkish Syrian border.

This prompted Kurdish forces to withdraw 30 kilometers from the Syrian Turkish border within 150 hours. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Thursday that Kurdish forces withdrew from the security zone in northeastern Syria ahead of schedule in accordance with the Sochi agreement.

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