The U.S. Army caused another incident in Okinawa. The airborne training dropped to the farmland by mistake.

 The U.S. Army caused another incident in Okinawa. The airborne training dropped to the farmland by mistake.

[global network military report] according to Kyodo news agency, on October 30, Xie huaxiichiro, deputy governor of Okinawa County, met with officials of the Japanese Foreign Ministry and defense ministry about the parachute airborne training conducted by the US Army at jiajuna base in the county government building. Xie Hua protested: I cant help feeling strong indignation at the normalization of training in Jiashou. The county peoples distrust of the attitude of repeated training has increased.

Its regrettable that training has been carried out without consensus between Japan and the United States, said Kawamura, Okinawas ambassador for foreign affairs. Tian Zhongli, the defense director of Okinawa, the Ministry of defense, said: he believes that the US sides explanation is inadequate and inappropriate. Problems will be informed and a dialogue will be held.

U.S. military parachute training in Okinawa

In principle, only exceptions are allowed, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yiwei said at a press conference on the use of the base for airborne training. The defense ministry has made due representations to the US military in accordance with this idea.

According to NHK television on October 30, the government of ijiang village, Okinawa, Japan, said on the afternoon of October 29 that two soldiers who had parachuted on the island of ijiang had landed in the farmland of the village by mistake, causing strong protests from local villagers.

Two US soldiers who used parachutes for parachuting training over the standby airport of Yijiang Island deviated from the landing route and landed in the farmland outside the airport fence at about 1:30 p.m. on the 29th, and more than 600 meters away were villagers houses, the report said. The government of Yijiang village said that it had not received any news of injuries so far, but the village had made a strong protest to the Okinawa defense Bureau, asking the U.S. military to thoroughly strengthen security management to prevent such incidents from happening again. In addition to last years US paratroopers landing in Villagers houses, accidents and disputes occurred the year before last, the Yijiang village government said.

Farmland is all around the spare airport of Yijiang Island

Kyodo News Agency reported that the U.S. military carried out the fourth airborne training this year at the base of jiajina on the evening of the 29th, and the county government confirmed that more than 20 U.S. soldiers had been airborne. Japan and the United States have previously agreed to conduct such training at the ijiang Island auxiliary Airport (ijiang village, Okinawa county).

This is a clear violation of the agreement, Okinawa County governor Yucheng told the media on the 30th at the county government. I will also make representations to the Ministry of defence. Yucheng plans to ask for a meeting with the foreign minister and the defense department in the near future.

About 2 US Marines landed in farmland and other places in Yijiang village during airborne training on the 29th, Yucheng asked to thoroughly find out the causes and prevent such problems from happening again.

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