Easy voice version: the price of down jacket has increased? Hope the cold medicine doesnt go up

 Easy voice version: the price of down jacket has increased? Hope the cold medicine doesnt go up

What do you think is the most important factor affecting height?

Last issue asked: my mother is happy, the whole family is happy. When it comes to family status, how does your family arrange it?

I dont know about other peoples families, but I know in our family. As long as I kill her, my daughter dare not resist. She thinks that I have reason to say that she is wrong. As soon as her father says that she wants to resist, she thinks that what her father says is unreasonable. Does this mean that I have a high position at home?

Wechat netizen: Sirius said:

One of my friends has the following family status: her mother, her, her dog, her father.

On weekends, when I go to a big hotel to spend money, I dont think the food is expensive enough.

Ask the waiter, do you have any expensive dishes?

Waiter: turn back, the fresh seafood is more expensive.

Turn to the last page to see an eight figure dish, and tell the waiter to give me four copies of this dish.

The waiter took a look and said, thats our order number!

Wechat netizen: lmy wants to order a song:

Hello hello, Hello, its been a long time since I listened to the relaxed moment. Today, I want to order a stone for her birthday. We have known each other for seven years. Its not long, its not short. There are many good memories in these seven years. One of the most impressive is that in high school, I secretly watched a play in the bed at night, crying. I cant remember how I fell asleep. Now we all work. Although we are in a city, we all have their own jobs and have few opportunities to meet. This year, I want to send a simple blessing in this way. Finally, I want to say: happy birthday, dear!

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Old rules, I wish everyone can have thick hair, good sleep, emotional stability, wealth and freedom, see you next time!

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