Why do I want to eat hot pot when its cold?

 Why do I want to eat hot pot when its cold?

The barbecue in summer is not over yet, and the hot pot in winter has already been put on line. In a cool week, how to warm the heart that is ravaged by life? A hot hot hot pot is enough.

According to the data of popular comments, hot pot is the most popular way of dining in China, and there is no one.

So why is hot pot so popular? Is it really just delicious?

So, why do people love hotpot for dinner?

Modern people are busy with life and dont have much leisure time, but hotpot is a kind of dish that can be picked up by anyone who makes dishes. After the main ingredients are prepared, it will tell you that its time to wash meat.

A big pot can combine meat and vegetables, salt and light with main food and soup. Even the most tricky mouth and friends with different tastes can make everyone surrender (after all, there is mandarin duck pot).

Even if you have three or five friends around you, surrounded by the hot pot, even if you have no words, your heart can be warmed by the hot air. Its really a sharp tool for the hot atmosphere. When you wash the hot pot, there is no boundary and barrier. You come and I go, all in this measure.

At present, hot pot is the best choice whether its a company dinner party or a small gathering of friends.

Hotpot and milk tea are the touchstone of friendship in todays era. If you refuse your friends hotpot invitation more than twice, its a pity that you will be kicked out of group chat.

If you are eating alone, hot pot is also the best choice. You are busy with cooking, washing meat, sandwiching food and so on. How can you feel sad and lonely when you are free?


The hot pot must be hot in the house, which is in sharp contrast to the outdoor withering scene. Isnt the hot pot dinner the most comfortable comfort in this cold season?

Please carry on this warm baptism about stomach to the end.

It can be said that the warm and unrestrained taste and all kinds of food materials are gathered in this small copper pot. After eating this pot, you will be enlightened!

So hot pot all over the country: Northeast pickle white meat pot, old Beijing copper pot instant boiled meat, Chongqing spicy hot pot, Cantonese side beating stove, Chaoshan beef pot, Taiwan one person pot... Which one do you like best?

PS: lets be disappointed. This is really not an advertisement for a hotpot store...

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