With both popularity and strength, Lins debut season is expected

 With both popularity and strength, Lins debut season is expected

What kind of performance Lin Shuhao can play is expected. Figure /Osports

From hearsay to reality, Lin Shuhao became a new representative of CBA. He inspired Shougang fans and even led the other 18 cities.

In the preseason, Shougang team went to Xining, where basketball is not developed, to fight. Fans who want to see Lin Shuhao can all sit in the stadium. In his first public appearance, the NBA Chinese star used 40 points to let the fans call CBA true fragrance and effectively hit back at the foreign fans comments that if I watch Beijing Shougang for two weeks, they will kneel down and beg NBA to come back. In the second preseason, when the attack was not as hot as before, he immediately fulfilled what he called improving the performance of teammates and showed the ability to drive the whole team by organizing a series.

In two pre-season games, Lin Shuhao showed two different styles: Lin crazy and Lin team, each of which was his efforts to integrate into the new team and adapt to the new league.

In the face of the media, Lin Shuhao has repeatedly expressed his expectation for a healthy new season. He is eager to play a good leading role in Shougangs team basketball, not to play five people by one person, to help his teammates do better is the value of being a point guard. With the gradual integration with the team, the Chinese star won the praise of the whole team.

On the other hand, the pre-season trial of NiuDao is enough to make Lin Shuhao the target of the whole CBA. At the beginning of the season, what he will face will be more intense defense. Under the circumstances of confrontation and upgrading, what level of small foreign aid can Lin Shuhao become and whether he can lead Shougang team to make a breakthrough, the whole CBA is looking forward to.

Liu Chen, reporter of Beijing News

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Ma bile