Hudson down? Moving to Shandong may bring forth the second spring

 Hudson down? Moving to Shandong may bring forth the second spring

After 24 years of development, CBA has cultivated the soil of shaping foreign aid. Hudson is one of the most successful foreign aid in this league. He is the third best player in the history of CBA and the first foreign aid in 10000. Among the current players, the total number of steals and assists ranks the second.

Last season, Hudsons condition declined significantly, and he broke up peacefully with Liaoning team at the end of the season. Less than half a month from the new season, he successfully reemployed in Shandong mens basketball team. In less than a week, he scored 39 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists in the warm-up game, proving that he can still stand firmly in CBA. Its because playing here for many years that the 35 year old can seamlessly connect with the new team.

Last seasons final game for Liaoning team was the fifth semi-final match with Xinjiang team. Hudson made only two 14 shots and got only five points. He was regarded as the scapegoat for the defending champion to go out. But it cant be denied that he still had 27.2 points, 5.6 rebounds and 3.6 assists per game last season, with a two-point shooting rate of 62% and an average of 4.2 three-point shots per game.

In the new season, Hudson in Shandong team, was placed in the dominant position, is expected to play his best characteristics. Representing the success of the new teams debut, old ha regained his confidence: I just want to keep in good shape and practice more deeply with every teammate in the team.

Liu Chen, reporter of Beijing News

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Ma bile