Ding Junhui: the poor Lord is eliminated and hopes to return to the top 16 like winning the prize

 Ding Junhui: the poor Lord is eliminated and hopes to return to the top 16 like winning the prize

After the game, Ding Junhui said in an interview with the media that he hoped his world ranking would return to the top 16.

Ding Junhui is in the game. Drawings provided by the organizer

On Performance: it was a good game

Ding Junhui won 5-2 in the delayed qualification match on the 28th in the face of Castel, the worlds No.120 player, but he was not in shape from the beginning to the end, and the process of the competition was not good.

Ding Junhui thinks that compared with the last game, this game is very good. Although there is some pressure, there is an opportunity not to grasp in the first game (the first game is 0-1 behind), but after the third game, I feel like I am playing better, and I have a chance to play some high scores (Ding Junhui plays 122 points in the fifth game).

The 9-5 game took three and a half hours, with the two sides fighting for an hour in the third. In this regard, Ding Junhui explained that both sides played cautiously. In particular, the opponent thinks more about it. He always defends, and only when his defense leaks can he get the chance to attack, so the pace will be slower.

ODonnell is in the game. Drawings provided by the organizer

On luck: dont make it look like winning a prize

Yushan is Ding Junhuis blessing. At the 2017 Snooker World open, Ding Junhui won the 13th ranking championship in his career and the last ranking championship so far.

In this competition, due to the withdrawal of the opponent in the first round of the competition, Ding Junhui directly promoted to the top 32 after the qualification competition and won the opportunity to rest for a day. In the second round of the match on March 30, Holt defeated Barry Hawkins, the 10th ranked player in the world, and became the rival of Chinas first brother for the top eight.

In recent years, Hawkins has an absolute advantage in the battle with Ding Junhui, especially in the semi-final of last years Shanghai Masters, when Ding Junhui entered the competition point with a 9-7 lead, he was pulled three sets by Hawkins. Now, this bitter Lord is eliminated, which makes people have to sigh the good luck of Ding Junhui in blessed land.

To this, Ding Junhui joked: dont make it look like winning.

For the night of the 30th against Holt, he hopes to play better.

On ranking: hope to return to the top 16

Due to the continuous downturn in the past two years, Ding Junhuis world ranking has dropped to No. 18. At last months Shanghai Masters, a reporter mentioned the ranking to him. He said that he had not paid attention to the ranking for a long time. For me, whether it is still in the first 16 is meaningless.

Just over a month later, Dings attitude towards ranking has changed dramatically. You actually reminded me, because at first I didnt know how fast I would fall. Now I still hope to return to the first 16, he said.

Source: responsible editor of China News: Lu Ting, ns5242