A director of Chongqing is accused of building villas in the name of poor households

 A director of Chongqing is accused of building villas in the name of poor households

In response to the incident of building luxury villas in the name of fake poor households reported by netizens, on October 30, the relevant person in charge of Publicity Department of Wushan County Party committee of Chongqing Municipality responded to the surging news that the Wushan County Party committee and the county government attached great importance to it and had ordered the planning and natural resources bureau of Wushan County to conduct on-site investigation and verification. At present, the relevant situation is under further investigation, and the relevant departments will deal with it according to the investigation results.

Involved buildings reflected by netizens.

On the afternoon of October 29, a netizen published luxury villa built in the name of poor families near Wushan airport on Tianya Forum (hereinafter referred to as tiewen). According to tiewen, Fu Mou, director of a bureau in Wushan County, borrowed the name of Zhang Mou, a poor household in community 3 of Shaolu village, Quchi Township, and built a building for living after purchasing farmland and forest land from the villagers in community 6 of Shaolu village.

The poster shows that the building is three stories high, with cameras in front and behind. Some netizens commented that such a house is not a villa.

Down 140 million screen swiping! The annual property cost of Shanghais top luxury houses is over one million

The price of a house is 140 million yuan! Would you like a set? Recently, there is a big sale of a set of top luxury houses in Shanghai, with a direct price reduction of 35%, which is equivalent to 140 million yuan. How much will it be after the price reduction? The intermediary quoted $410 million. It is estimated that some friends will say, where am I short of 140 million yuan? I am short of 410 million yuan. Xiaobian has been thinking about it for a long time, not to mention 140 million yuan. He is reluctant to buy a piece of 4 mineral water.

The head of the mine was tried for embezzlement and denied that he wanted to buy a villa for the Secretary of the local committee

From September 9 to 11, Zhang Tianen, the former head of Gulianhe open-pit coal mine in Daxinganling District, Heilongjiang Province, heard the case of embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds in the peoples Court of Mohe city. The indictment alleges that Zhang Tianen, in order to thank Xiao Jianchun, the former Secretary of the Daxinganling local committee, for promoting him to be the mine manager of Gulianhe coal mine, intends to buy Xiao Jianchun a villa in Hainan Province; Zhang Tianen instructs the chief of the coal mine finance department to set aside 10 million yuan for his personal use. In addition, Zhang Tianen was accused of misappropriating 28 million yuan of public funds and lending it to a company to pay for its purchase of the entrusted production and operation rights and assets of the fifth mining area of the coal mine.