Maybe this is the best risk education

 Maybe this is the best risk education

Its no wonder that a new concept will bring a wave of excitement to the friends of a share.

For example, this years new concept of industrial marijuana. There is no germination in the field and no seeds are planted. Many people may not know what industrial marijuana looks like, but this does not prevent the stock prices of Shunhao Co., Ltd. and other companies from going up and down every day. In the same way, artificial meat has not been smelled or eaten. They just see that the artificial meat stock beyondmeat is rising every day, and the A-share concept stock is also hot fried.

Hype path is also common: concept comes out - research report analyzes hundred million level market - emotional excitement is willing to hang a dime more than the price limit board - big hot money uses channel advantage to scramble for funding - beating drums, passing flowers, beating boards - harvesting. Advanced to be king, backward to receive plate, this is also a pure concept of A-share hype jungle rule.

Nothing new in the sun. This kind of concept hype is nothing more than a historical cycle.

Lets take a look at the hot mutual fund, venture capital and shadow stock concept hype in the past. There are many chicken feathers everywhere.

The essence of this game is the harvest game of information asymmetry, which distorts the market transaction price (stock price). Everyone only grasps the partial knowledge, which exists in the social structure dispersedly. Investors make personal judgment based on this kind of dispersedly knowledge, which is affected by knowledge expectation and other factors. In the process of concept hype, the utility expectation of pure concept is overstated, and large capital makes use of capital advantage to create false stock price prosperity. When the ordinary investors exhausted their time to study the doorway of the concept industry, the advantageous parties of capital and information had raised the sickle to prepare for harvesting. You think its an unprecedented investment in new technology. In fact, youre regarded as a rival and youve been plucked.

In the treacherous market, it is difficult for investors to make a real rational judgment, and irrationality is also a part of investment. At this point we have to be calm about the concept, but there are not a few investors who are dominated by fanaticism.

In a sense, instead of persuading dont stir fry, its better to let them take part in it and lose a lot - only when it comes to flesh pain, investors will form muscle memory and stay away from the speculation of pure theme concepts. Therefore, its not a good thing that blockchain is fried into blockchain. The actual risk education is more effective than preaching.

On the other hand, we also see that the exchange has recently sent a letter of concern to a number of listed companies involved in blockchain technology, such as Cultural Great Wall, meiyingsen, etc., which focuses on the effectiveness and accuracy of information disclosure. If we say that the effectiveness and accuracy of the information envelopment are worthy of attention, then if there are false statements, information envelopment omissions and other behaviors, we should not only pay attention, but also fight hard.