The girlfriend of three years was a liar. It man was cheated and jumped into the river to commit suicide after 650000.

 The girlfriend of three years was a liar. It man was cheated and jumped into the river to commit suicide after 650000.

The son left a note

On the morning of January 8, 2019, an Electronic Technology Group Co., Ltd. in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province held a bidding meeting. Wang Han, an it man of the company, was in charge of the reception work, but Fang Mingkai, the manager of the company, couldnt catch Wang Hans shadow in his eyes. Calling his mobile phone was also turned off. Where is this boy?

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It was 3 p.m. after the bidding meeting, Wang Han never appeared. Fang Mingkai found Wang Hans fathers cell phone number from the personnel department and dialed it. Old Wang said that his son had come back at noon and left after lunch, saying that he had gone to work.

Put down the phone, old Wang walked into his sons bedroom and saw a piece of paper on his desk. At the top of the desk, there were two striking words: bequeath. Dad, my son is gone. My son has done a lot of wrong things, which has affected many people. Because of emotional problems, my son has been suffering for three years... Dad, Im sorry for your son. He chose to escape this time and left the disaster to you. But my son is really tired. Hes been unhappy all these years. Hes living a life of two sides. He cant live any longer. My son has gone to find his mother!

Old Wang fell on the edge of the bed, tears running down his face. The police retrieved the surveillance video of the community and found that Wang Han had disappeared near the riverside of the community. There was a group of floating objects in the river. Old Wang exclaimed: thats the clothes he was wearing today! When the police recovered it, it was Wang Han. There was no sign of life. Old Wang pounced on his son with a cry.

Female netizens who have been dating for three years

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Wang Han was 40 years old at the time of the crime. After graduating from university in 2002, he returned to Changzhou and worked in private enterprises. If he works steadily, studies hard and works overtime all night, he will definitely work hard the next day. He seldom complains about hard work and never cares about salary increase or promotion.

However, apart from work, Wang Han also talks about technical issues when chatting with you. It seems that technology is everything. Meeting never speak, like invisible person, because the performance is not active, not concerned, can not touch the edge of promotion, slowly marginalized; holiday home sleep or play games, no friends, confidants, lack of passion. The leader commented that he was very responsible, unwilling to communicate with others and a bit sloppy.

Wang Han is a one meter eight tall man. He is gentle and quiet. He had a pure love on the campus. But he broke up two years before graduation. Then he was seriously ill. Old Wang said that his son was hit by a lovelorn blow, only to slow down after two years, after which he would not accept any blind date.

Before he knew it, he was thirty years old. At a student party a few years ago, he realized the seriousness of the problem. At that party, the students brought their spouses or children, only Wang Han was alone, curled up in the corner of the sofa and turned over his cell phone. The bustle in front of him had nothing to do with him. He came to play soy sauce, but under the indifferent expression was a stabbed heart. After the reunion, he took the initiative to chat with friends of the opposite sex in QQ and wechat, and went straight to the marriage theme. But, do not establish firm emotion to talk about marriage, who dares to accept dish.

According to the clues provided by old Wang, the police found Xiaoxie, a female netizen who had kept in touch with Wang Han for many years. Xiaoxie said that I was just a general friend with him, and I was not in love. Three years ago, Wang Han met a girl online, and he had been in love with her for three years. He spent hundreds of thousands of yuan on her and was ready to get married.

It turns out that Wang Han actively added dream through wechat three years ago, and dream claimed to be pan dor, 26 years old. He worked in the personnel department of an enterprise in the city. He agreed to Wang Hans proposal before chatting with him for a few days. Wang Han was overjoyed, and the other side sent a semi naked video to show his determination to cooperate for a hundred years.

Pandora is very coquettish. She will ask for red envelopes on all kinds of love related days, Valentines day, Tanabata, birthday, Christmas... There are all kinds of reasons that have nothing to do with love: getting sick, changing mobile phones, losing mobile phones, fines for work mistakes, etc.

Urge others to pay back before committing suicide

The police locked the position of dream and arrested it on February 13, 2019 with the cooperation of Jiangxi public security organ.

However, dream is not my fair lady. The real name of dream is Yang Hai, a native of Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province. He was 31 years old at the time of the crime and graduated from college. He explained that he was the store manager of Cuizhu milk tea shop in Changzhou in 2015. Because he was upset with his ex-wife, he wanted wechat and a girl to go out for relaxation. My head looks like a girl. Wang Han takes the initiative to add me and immediately sends me a red envelope to ask me out. I think hes very straightforward, so he wants to cheat some money and spend it as a woman, and he believes in random reasons. Later, I divorced my ex-wife, and the red envelope he gave me was transferred to my ex-wife to pay for child support. In 2016, I met my wife and left Changzhou, but I still kept wechat contact with Wang Han. My wife is going to have a baby. Wang Han and I are asking for more and more money. They have made up the reasons that we have to pay taxes for buying a house, pay a break-up fee for divorce, have no money to be hospitalized in a car accident, and buy a cemetery when my father is dying. He has given money. I gave my ex-wife more than 100000 yuan for the money, spent more than 100000 yuan for remarriage, spent about 100000 yuan for the transformation of Mitsubishi automobile, spent more than 30000 yuan for online games and other food, drink and play.

After graduating from junior college, Yang Hai has done all kinds of business and dreams of becoming rich overnight. He never persevered. As a didi driver, he was too hard to work and had no skills to find a job. However, eating, drinking, playing and playing were not rare. He was easy to relax and hard-working and wandered in the Jianghu. Young people like him were not unique. They were the protagonists of all kinds of fraud cases.

Wang Hans three-year contact with Yang Hai and his fathers payment of 100000 yuan for his house loan were all raised and squandered by Yang Hai, totaling 650000 yuan. At the end of 2018, Wang Han sent wechat to dream to rush to repay the house loan and pay me 70000 yuan immediately. Yang Hai called him 9000 yuan for fear that things might come out. Wang Han sends wechat: I will kill myself if I dont pay back! Yang Hai didnt take it seriously. Two days before the crime, Wang Han sent the last wechat: my lawyer will contact you!

14 years in prison

Wang Han is more depressed and introverted because of his lovelorn character. He has a typical screen face when facing the computer for a long time without expression. His white hair is more than that of his peers, and he falls off prematurely. Obviously, dream is a greedy swindler, and the deception is low-level and full of flaws, but Wang Han has not found it in three years.

Yang Hai explained: at the beginning, I promised him to propose. He asked for a red envelope of 9000 yuan. He booked a room in the hotel to meet me. I refused to go on a temporary business trip. Once he wanted to give me a shopping card, that is to meet. When I said I was on a business trip in Guangzhou, I met in the supermarket as Pandors younger brother Xiaohai. Hes a little fat, balding, and he looks like a real friend. Xiaohai and Pandors mother are my fake micro signals. In fact, they are just me. I havent seen each other for three years. Until the end, he still treats me as a beautiful girl Pandor, saying how much he loves me and does everything for me. He says that I cheat his feelings, mercilessly...

Zhang Chao, the prosecutor who handled the case, believed that the defendants fraud means were bad, the amount was huge, and the consequences were serious, so he proposed to be sentenced to more than 10 years imprisonment. On September 24, 2019, the court of Wujin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province issued a judgment, which sentenced Yang Hai, the defendant, to 14 years imprisonment for fraud. (except that the defendants name is not his real name)

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