The lender got 45000 yuan through the black intermediary packaging loan but owed 915000 yuan.

 The lender got 45000 yuan through the black intermediary packaging loan but owed 915000 yuan.

Fancy packaging customer loan qualification

According to the case released by the Public Security Department of Guangdong Province, at the beginning of this year, Ms. Chen (pseudonym), a citizen of Shenzhen, prepared a loan for her children to go to school because her daughter spent a lot of money to enter the art school. However, due to lack of qualification, several banks failed to get loans. When she was worried, she saw an advertisement in a wechat group called commissioner of a trading company in Shenzhen: recruit customers from all over the country. Through packaging, you can easily borrow 600000-1200000 yuan.

Through private chat, Ms. Chen learned that the intermediary company could package the customers loan qualification by paying social security, paying wages on behalf of others. But after the loan, the company needs to charge 35% to 45% of the packaging fee.

In order to provide for her daughter to go to school, Ms. Chen bit her teeth and agreed to the other partys request, and came to a trading company in Longgang as promised. After that, according to the guidance of customer service, I applied for a new telephone card and applied for a bank card from several banks. Later, the company asked Ms. Chen to hand over her mobile phone card and bank card to the company for safekeeping on the basis of convenient bank flow.

A few months later, the company did inform Ms. Chen to go through the loan procedures in several banks. During this period, Ms. Chen received 15000 yuan from the company in succession, but there were also calls from several banks. Feeling something wrong, Ms. Chen hurriedly went to the bank to check the credit, only to find that she owed 310000 yuan! When Ms. Chen rushed to the company again, she found that there was no one left!

After receiving the alarm, Shenzhen Longgang police quickly launched an investigation. At the same time, it was found that there were many similar police cases in the city, which had a bad social impact. On October 23, more than 50 police forces of Longgang police seized 11 major suspects in Longgang, Longhua and other places at the same time.

According to preliminary statistics, since 2015, the criminal gang has committed more than 100 crimes with similar methods by registering multiple shell companies, involving more than 50 million yuan, and the victims are all over the country. In one of the most serious cases, the suspect defrauded the Bank of 915000 yuan through packaging customer qualification, while the victim only received 45000 yuan.

Package loan

Daily economic news reporter noted that such online packaging loan advertising is not uncommon. The reporter clicks one of the links, the webpage jumps to a certain online loan platform, and the main page is written with the slogan of up to 200000 yuan loan limit, online application only, can be received as soon as 30 minutes. In addition, many netizens questioned the reliability of the packaging loan company.

The reporter learned that the packaging loan requires the applicants copies of identity documents, work certificates, income certificates, financial asset certificates and other supporting materials. Once these materials fall into the hands of lawbreakers, they may face other risks.

The loan intermediary promises to lend to the bank, which is actually a high interest online loan. The victim pays the intermediary a high handling fee, thinking that it is through bank loans, but unexpectedly, the intermediary is through online loans, and the victim also bears the high interest of online loans.

In addition, it is a fraud that spending money can wash away the white mark of credit. It is understood that personal credit stain can not be interfered by human resources except that it is automatically updated and eliminated by the system 5 years after the problem is solved.

Guangdong Provincial Department of public security reminded that the so-called packaging loan is actually a double fraud between the customer and the bank. The main routine is divided into five steps:

Step one: release the package loan advertisement. By calling, sending SMS, or advertising loan intermediary in wechat group and QQ group, we can attract customers who are in urgent need of funds but do not meet the conditions of bank loans.

Step 2: detain mobile phone card and bank card. Guide customers to apply for new phone cards and bank cards, and then retain customers mobile phone cards and bank cards in the company under the pretext of facilitating bank flow, responding to bank return visit, paying social security and provident fund.

Step three: Pack high-income people. The client will be admitted as the top management of the shell company, and the monthly high salary will be paid to form the bank flow. For example, Ms. Chen was packaged as a department manager with a monthly salary of 50000 yuan.

Step 4: guide the handling of loan procedures. Accompany customers to the bank to apply for loans, specifically guide customers how to fill in forms, how to answer bank inquiries.

Step five: after the bank makes a loan, it rolls up the money and runs away. After bank lending, most of the money will be withheld, only a small part of the funds will be transferred to stabilize the customers, and then the cicada will break away, and the company will transfer its office location every other period of time.

In particular, it should be noted that even if a few people succeed in packaging loans, they will not change the nature of loan fraud. Once found out, it will not only be included in the blacklist of banks and take back loans, but also may violate the criminal law together with loan intermediaries.

Article 193 of the criminal law stipulates that whoever, for the purpose of illegal possession, swindles loans of banks or other financial institutions, if the amount is relatively large, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years or criminal detention and shall also be fined; if the amount is huge, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years but not more than 10 years and shall also be fined; if the amount is especially huge, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years or life imprisonment and shall be punished Gold.

Source: Daily Economic News Author: Pan Ting editor in charge: Wang Xiaowu Gu NF