Crazy business shaking training: tuition fees up to 160000 yuan

 Crazy business shaking training: tuition fees up to 160000 yuan

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Reporter Zheng jieyao

Editor Wen Shuqi

Coincidentally, Xiaozhong, a photographer in Shangqiu, Henan Province, also consulted a very famous training institution of buffeting business when studying buffeting. But after getting the introduction of the course, xiaozhongmeng said, a short 5-day offline training course, the price is 29800.

Short video has become the wind you have to step on. On October 16, Wang Minmin, the online Red pusher behind the head account little brother wild eater, appeared at the online Red live delivery summit held by Fang Yu in the field of wechat business.

According to a participant, Wang Minmin even surpassed Fang Yu, the organizer of the event, and became the most wanted contact person of the audience.

Buffeting is becoming one of the most important marketing tools in the eyes of Taobao shopkeepers, offline businesses and traditional wechat businesses. There is an answer to the case of tea and Haidilao. Few enterprises can resist the temptation of overnight success.

When communicating with Xiaozhong, the customer service of the training organization of the shaker asked him, do you think 29800 is very expensive? But once the video is popular, it may bring you a million dollars in marketing. Do you still think its expensive?

That must be expensive. Xiaozhong thinks to himself, but what makes him more entangled is that if he takes out the money, will it be useful?

Mr. Shuijing is an unavoidable name in the field of business shaking.

The conference attracted more than 4000 people to attend. At that time, qiaoyin opened the shopping cart function for several million level qiaoyin signals through the invitation system, which means that qiaoyin began to embrace E-commerce completely, and the concept of qiaoyin became popular through the conference.

This is actually a conference that has nothing to do with tremolo officials, but most people are misled.

During the conference, qiaoyin even issued a statement, saying that qiaoyin official has never authorized any activities related to Qiaoshang, nor cooperated with the activities related to Qiaoshang. However, such disputes have pushed the heat of the meeting even higher.

Sunny, a buffeting food expert, flew to Hangzhou from Nanchang to attend the meeting. However, the content of the meeting disappointed her. We are all talking about some very basic things. The organizers boast about their classes, while the guests boast about their goods, which is meaningless.

Laomi himself runs a Taoke community. In his opinion, the experience of hosting this conference is also worth learning. Such a conference will cost no more than 500000 yuan. After a conference, there will be at least 2 million yuan of income. Of course, for the organizers, its just a small amount of money. The most important thing is that they will be popular and famous. You will have it no matter when you do training or do community work. Endorsement, these are the most profitable.

Lao Mis idea is right in the heart of Qiang Xiaoming. Soon after the conference, Qiang Xiaoming launched the first three-day and two-night real combat class of buffeting business, which costs 9800 yuan, and 100 people quickly reported full. The 29800 off-line training class mentioned by Xiaozhong is also the course of Business University, but it only has two months more return visits than the actual class.

In fact, the purpose of our meeting is to publicize the University. Said Qiang Xiaoming. Before the meeting, he didnt expect so many people to come. According to his recollection, their team only arranged 3000 seats that day, but 4000 people came from behind. Many people who paid for tickets could only stand outside or in the hall aisle.

Later, the course was launched and sold equally well. Qiang Xiaoming counted the background and needs of the students, and found that some of them had already made shaking sound, some had not made it; some wanted to be talented, some sold goods; some had opened offline stores, and some had wechat businesses. The population span is far beyond his expectation, and it is almost impossible to meet the needs of all people through a set of courses.

Qiang Xiaoming gave the interface news reporter a course schedule of the presidents class that started recently. The content shows that the first days course is mainly about concept indoctrination and market analysis; the second days course is mainly about how to build a team and use a variety of methods to realize the shaking sound; the third day is the platform rule interpretation and explosive creation formula.

But is such a course really useful? There must be something to gain, but it depends on your own level. You need to listen to it with a black eye. But if you already know something, its not very interesting, a student who has taken a course in business school told the interface news.

And the real meaning of this class is to spend money to buy a lesson. People who can report this class are not poor in money. Even if there is a word of inspiration in this class, its worth it if you dont take a detour. Before signing up, he once heard that there was an American wechat business tycoon in the first presidents class. After listening to the character IP class, he went back to make a science popularization number and achieved 4 million fans in half a year.

So whether its worth it or not really depends on yourself.

Quotient routine

Since April this year, Qiang Xiaoming can clearly feel that there are competing products in the market.

But not all organizations with the word trembling business training are really doing training.

An organization called all people shaking business is very active in Zhihu, tieba, Weibo and other social media. According to the information left on the Internet, the interface news reporter added the wechat of binge, a staff member of the national shaking business.

Congratulations to the new members who have settled down in China and started to make money!

0 basic shakes sound to start a business, cannot shoot the video also can monthly enter ten thousand, what are you still waiting for?

No video? Promotion members join the platform and can get high promotion commission every day.

Open brother Bins circle of friends, almost every one is similar to this chicken blood content. From October of this year, he will send at least 10 similar circles of friends every day.

In binges description, the national shaking business adopts a more advanced model than all shaking business training institutions on the market, because after joining the national shaking business, students can get a video with goods every day, you just need to save the video and click to release it, you are not afraid to learn, it is very easy to carry goods, and the tuition fee is only 698 yuan.

In binges introduction, becoming a partner almost makes no loss.

There is no difference between this mode and the traditional wechat business recruitment agency. They claim to be able to help partners form their own teams and build their own business empire. However, the core of this business is only an illusory shaking voice training community + acting video service. Even the source of the video itself is questionable.

Li Xiang is a professional clapper of tremolo. Not long ago, he was drawn into a group of tremolo fans. In the group, brother bin will continue to publicize the national business every day. At first, Li Xiang only regarded this as a boring advertisement. Later, he realized that if the agency really takes video shooting as its main business, they must have a lot of customers. With this in mind, Li Xiang adds brother bin.

This job is just like tailor-made for Li Xiang, so according to the backstage address given by binge, Li Xiang has registered a racket account of the whole peoples trembling business, but he needs to pay a deposit of at least 100 yuan before grabbing the order. Binge said that its because he is afraid that the racket will not take video when receiving the product.

Li Xiang thought that this requirement was reasonable, so he paid the deposit honestly, but the page was still empty after he paid 100 yuan. Binge explained that the deposit of 100 yuan can only receive 10 orders at most, but the merchants usually set up 100 orders, so Li Xiang had to pay another 900 yuan as the deposit.

This alerted Li Xiang. He inquired about the whole peoples trembling merchants in the clapper circle and found that some people paid the deposit like him, but even if they paid 1000 yuan, they still couldnt pay the bill, because there was no business cooperating with the whole peoples trembling merchants at all.

In the wechat group, binge is still promoting the students who just broke through 3000, and Li Xiang cant help but say, the company is a fraud company.

Not long ago, Li Xiang found that he had been kicked out of group chat by the group leader.

In fact, in the chaotic Jianghu of business training, there are not a few organizations like business training for all.

Burning finance and economics once reported that an institution called Hongying shuoshang education needs to pay 1999 yuan to enter the community, but only one person can be allocated 1699 yuan. In order to facilitate the students to pay more, the institution even directly included the words of pulling people into the group in the teaching materials, wrote a response strategy for various questions, claiming that copy and paste, make money in a week.

In addition, the well-known chaebol commune in the field of chaebol also adopts the method of distribution fission to attract members. According to the reporter, the founder of trembling business commune is KOL Chen Guangfeng in the field of wechat business, who has written wechat business: operation strategy, skills, tools, thinking and practice.

Obviously, from wechat business to trembling business, although the platform has changed, the people behind it and the routine are not the same.

Official attitude: regular army is entering

In recent months, the status quo of fraudsters in the training market of buffeting merchants has also been paid attention to in the field of buffeting.

On July 19, qiaoyin sued the organizers of Qiaoshang conference in Hangzhou Internet court, including Hangzhou Qiaoshang Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou QIAOYOU culture and creativity Co., Ltd., zhenzhibang Technology Co., Ltd., Yang war and other companies. The four companies are required to immediately stop trademark infringement, apologize and compensate 3 million yuan for economic losses.

It is understood that when these companies hold all kinds of buffeting alliance conferences, they all claim that the activities have executive support of buffeting headquarters, sharing of big guys of buffeting headquarters, and display the nameplate of authorized agent. In terms of buffeting, they think that these acts have constituted trademark infringement and violated the anti unfair competition law.

Another person close to shuaiyin told the interface news reporter that shuaiyin beat the organizers of major shuaishang conferences in a high-profile way to warn the users. Now, 8 out of 10 shuaishang trainings in the market are deceiving, that is, the wechat business training has changed a layer of skin and comes to shuaiyin to circle money. The platform is also troubled by these trainings. After all, they teach how to mass produce garbage videos, and this It also has an impact on the whole content ecology.

Senior net red push hand Yan Ran also said: now, buffeting the word has been a derogatory term in the industry, very few MCN will take training as a serious business, one is too difficult to standardize, the other is not advocated by the official buffeting.

Most of the training programs in the market are outdated and take for granted. Yan Ran said, many lecturers dont even have a decent twitter account, where the instructor can copy the popular funds. In fact, there is no twitter account at all. These concepts are all created by wechat business itself.

In her opinion, in fact, in the early days, many ways of thinking and skills to do tremolo can be easily found on the Internet. The core is creativity and continuous content production, which training cant help you.

This trend also makes the phenomenon that the bad currency in the training market drives out the good currency seriously. However, it is impossible for the third-party training institutions that violate the regulations to be sued in court. To solve this problem, we need to guide the market officially. In this regard, Taobaos experience may be worth learning.

As early as 2003, Taobao University was established as the only online e-commerce training platform of the group. All the training guidelines exported by Taobao University will be reviewed by the government, which also gives private training institutions a unified curriculum content standard.

I believe that with the emergence of officially certified training institutions, the chaos of trembling merchants will be alleviated.

Source: editor in charge of interface news: Chen Hequn, nb12679