SOHO Chinas response to asset sale rumors: no relevant information at present

 SOHO Chinas response to asset sale rumors: no relevant information at present

SOHO China said in a statement that in the daily operation and management of the investment portfolio, the group will from time to time explore the commercial real estate market environment and potential trading opportunities in the groups main market. However, up to now, the company has confirmed that it is not aware of any information relating to the sale of group assets that is required to be published to avoid a false market in the companys securities, or any insider information that is required to be disclosed under part xiva of the securities and Futures Ordinance, Chapter 571 of the laws of Hong Kong.

SOHO China also reminds its shareholders and potential investors to be cautious when buying and selling shares of the company.

On the afternoon of the 30th, SOHO Chinas share price rose rapidly, rising nearly 30%, closing up 17.9%, at HK $270, with a turnover of HK $480 million and the latest market value of HK $14 billion. It is said that its share price rise is related to SOHO Chinas consideration of selling its office building interest in China for us $8 billion.

According to surging news, surging news reporters learned from people familiar with the transaction that SOHO China has started trading with foreign companies. Pan Shiyi and Zhang Xin, the actual controllers of SOHO China, finally plan to sell all the eight King Kong, the core assets of SOHO China.

According to surging news, eight King Kong refers to Beijings Wangjing SOHO, Guanghua Road SOHO phase 2, Qianmen Street, Lize SOHO, as well as Shanghais Bund SOHO, SOHO Fuxing square, Gubei SOHO and SOHO Tianshan square projects. Among them, lizer SOHO is still under construction.

If Pan Shiyi clears SOHO, can China still take the land this year?

After the transformation, Pan Shiyi, who has sold nearly 30 billion yuan of assets, will even sell his own office building now?

Foreign media reported that SOHO China is considering selling its office buildings for us $8 billion (about HK $62.7 billion).

In the morning of December 31, SOHO China announced on the Hong Kong stock exchange that the company did not know any information related to the sale of group assets to be announced.

But an important data is that according to the semi annual report, the total non current assets of SOHO China is HK $63.66 billion, which is almost the same as the total amount of equity sales reported by foreign media.