Sun Yuchen makes fun of a shares: 1000 companies in 3000 companies rub against blockchain enthusiasm

 Sun Yuchen makes fun of a shares: 1000 companies in 3000 companies rub against blockchain enthusiasm

Sun Yuchens digital currency market value soared 100% in a week

Since the end of July this year, Hussein Buffett, the controversial currency circle Sun Yuchen, has recently become active again because of the good domestic chain policy. Sun Yuchen has ridiculed A share listed companies in a recent live broadcast. 1000 of the 3000 companies are rubbing the heat of the block chain.

After the blockchain technology has been recognized by the central policy with high specifications, the digital money market, which has fallen for more than one year, has been boiling, and a number of mainstream investment varieties in the currency circle have shown a strong rebound attitude in recent week.

Sun Yuchen, a post-90s entrepreneur, issued the digital currency BoChang coin, which soared nearly 100% in just five days, and its market value was close to 10 billion yuan. In fact, the market value of BoChang coin once exceeded 10 billion yuan in 30 days. After the correction in the afternoon, as of the evening of October 30, the market value of BoChang coin remained around 9.8 billion yuan. This round of market also makes BoChang currency enter the list of the worlds top ten market value digital currencies again.

It is worth mentioning that, according to the data on October 30, more than 23% of the trading volume of BoChang currency under sun Yuchen took place in a medium-sized digital currency exchange, which is quite different from the situation that the trading volume of many mainstream digital currencies in a single digital currency exchange is less than 10%. But in the domestic market share of the top three coin security, fire coin and OK, the sum of wave field currency trading volume on the three platforms is less than 15%.

Mocking 1000 listed companies of a share

Not only that, sun Yuchen recently made a response in a live video broadcast, denying that he had rubbed the heat of the blockchain. In addition, sun Yuchen ridiculed the A-share listed companies in the live broadcast. He ridiculed more than 3000 A-share listed companies. At present, more than 1000 of them are rubbing against the blockchain heat and speculating on the blockchain heat.

Sun Yuchens name includes not only the famous BoChang coin, but also a social Internet company accompanying my app. However, on July 18 of this year, Guangzhou accompany me information technology Co., Ltd. added the cancellation record. The reason for the cancellation was the resolution of dissolution, and the head of the liquidation group was accompany me joy (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. On June 27, the company was listed in the list of abnormal operations because its registered residence or business place could not be contacted. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of company joy (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. sun Yuchen is the executive director and general manager, and the ultimate beneficiary.

After that, sun Yuchen responded to the cancellation of my app by microblogging, saying that it is a normal business behavior to set up and cancel the company based on business considerations, so it is not necessary to over interpret. The establishment of new entities and the dissolution of old entities will not affect the normal business. But as of October 30, the official website accompanying my app still couldnt be opened.

Wang Xin, the founder of the express, warned sun Yuchen, the junior brother?

Whats puzzling is that although sun Yuchen relies on blockchain and there is no lack of positive energy in his words to transform the world with blockchain, the three assets of sun Yuchen seem to be related to yellow gambling or indirectly.

In addition to the previously cancelled companion app, BoChang coin under sun Yuchen and BitTorrent acquired by BoChang are all related to this.

Sun boasted that there are 500 DAPP applications running in the wave field. Wave field is located in the public chain of blockchain industry, roughly equivalent to the Internet Android system. But who are the 500 DAPP developers on the wave field? According to the statistics of spider store website, 72.89% of all DAPP applications in wave field are guessing. Among the top 30 most active applications, there are 24 guessing categories, accounting for 80%. The so-called guessing actually points to gambling to a large extent.

In addition, in July 2018, sun Yuchen announced that BoChang purchased an old Internet company located in San Francisco at a price of US $140 (about RMB 1 billion). The acquisition of the old Internet company in San Francisco also raised the valuation of BoChang currency. The US internet company acquired by sun Yuchen has been established for a long time, with up to 170 million global users. It is one of the first companies to propose the concept of distributing storage data around distributed computing architecture, which coincides with the technology of blockchain.

Who is this company? It was the famous BitTorrent (inventor of BT download) more than ten years ago. Around 2005, BitTorrent once occupied a large share of video download in mainland China. So what does it do? Its core positioning at that time was what the fast broadcasting company did. The core technology of fast broadcasting was also encryption and decentralized distributed storage, and gradually replaced BitTorrents market position in China. Although the technology was good, once the wrong place was used, the result of fast broadcasting and other founders Wang Xin was very natural.

Its worth mentioning that Wang Xin seems to be very concerned about sun Yuchen because his fast broadcasting company and the BitTorrent that sun Yuchen purchased at a high price belong to the same senior brother, and they all used the blockchain technology in the wrong place.

We should not overestimate todays blockchain, but not underestimate the future of blockchain, said Wang Xin. Todays most important achievement of blockchain is just the idea sermon, which is to let everyone see the shortage of information internet and the trend of value Internet. But to realize the value of the Internet, it is not a single technology but an application that can truly benefit the public.

It is worth mentioning that Wang Xins first suggestion is to attack sun Yuchen directly. Sun Yuchens BoChang coin is not only a typical public chain (roughly equivalent to the underlying system), but also has issued BoChang coin, with a market value of nearly 10 billion. The underlying public chain is the infrastructure of the blockchain world. Wang Xins above-mentioned view is that the public chain of the blockchain should be done by the government, not by the private. Private enterprises of spontaneous currency.