Hong Kongs pornographic media urged 80 year old uncle to criticize the police for being slapped on the spot

 Hong Kongs pornographic media urged 80 year old uncle to criticize the police for being slapped on the spot

Source: Ta Kung Pao

Overseas. Com reported on October 31 that tear gas used by Hong Kong police to stop violence in Tuen Mun was diffused into the estate corridor. A reporter from yellow media interviewed an 80 year old Abe in the place where the incident happened, intending to guide him to say affected by tear gas, happy or not and want to complain to yunyun. Unexpectedly, he was angrily rebuked by righteous Abe: its not surprising that there is complete chaos outside, and tear gas ejection is coming up. Its a very special period, isnt it? Do you think there is any problem?

According to Hong Kongs Ta Kung Pao on October 31, some people claimed that they were not comfortable smelling the unknown gas in Tuen Mun. Although the police had made it clear that no tear gas had been emitted on that day, the mobs in black made rumors one after another and took the opportunity to encircle the Daxing operation base in Tuen Mun. Now there are yellow media who even encourage citizens to criticize the police. Its not surprising that there are tear gas catapults coming up, said Abe, 80, in front of the camera. Its the most unpopular time to damage traffic lights and daily life. The voice of patriotism and love for Hong Kong people.

Respect for public opinion is the truth, said Hong Kong netizens. Incitement to hatred is by no means what a professional journalist should do. Abe has done a good job. He cant be soft on this so-called journalist. Hong Kong media also advised yellow media reporters to stop in time, made a rumor for a while, but can not reverse the public opinion of violence and chaos!

For more than four months, Hong Kong thugs radical behavior has continued, while at the scene of violence, fake journalists and radical yellow media have appeared frequently. Hong Kong police have more than once seized fake press cards and seen thugs pretending to be journalists. However, radical yellow media and black records not only do not report fairly, but also deliberately obstruct police law enforcement, favor the cover of thugs, often monopolize questions at police conferences, making officials or police unable to respond completely and depriving the public of the right to know.

At the regular police press conference on October 28, ye Jiawen, who claimed to be a journalist, was expelled because he used a flashlight to show his protest to the police officers. His so-called press card is only the membership card of Hong Kong Press Association numbered F200, not the work card of media organizations. Ye Jiawen was also referred to as fake reporter.

Liang Zhenying, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese peoples Political Consultative Conference and former chief executive of the Hong Kong SAR, posted a message on the social networking website, questioning whether the association should punish such acts against professional integrity. There was no fixed job for media organizations, just calling themselves freelance. The person who applied to the Press Association for a membership card the day before was also a journalist, he said. ? Hong Kong media has long found that the license issuing threshold of Hong Kong Journalists Association is very loose and the application threshold is very low, among which the student membership card can be obtained only by paying 20 Hong Kong dollars (about 18 yuan).

Source: Ta Kung Pao

Hong Kong citizens also spontaneously formed a concern group against blackmail and false records. They said that during the successive demonstrations in Hong Kong, there were often people disguised as journalists, hindering the law enforcement of the police, adding chaos to the violence and making it difficult for the police to identify the authenticity of journalists. They called on the HKDA to strictly review the application and raise the threshold so as to avoid any wrongdoers committing crimes in the name of journalists.

It is gratifying to note that the whole Hong Kong is now calling for an end to violence and disorder. Hong Kong people, including Zhengqi ABER and Zhengqi grandma, often come forward to denounce the rioters and violent attacks and support the police.

Grandma was shot by a thug with a laser gun

On October 6, a video of Hong Kongs righteous mother-in-law denouncing thugs attracted public attention. In her 70s, she cleans the road with her bare hands and criticizes the violence of the mob. She also questioned the conscience of the yellow media reporters present, why they didnt ask about the mobs behavior, but just connived to help them publicize. In the meantime, grandma was reviled and intimidated by thugs. Some people even used laser guns to irradiate grandma, but she was not afraid.

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