Suspected yellow fever in northern Nigeria kills 24 people

 Suspected yellow fever in northern Nigeria kills 24 people

Abuja, Oct. 30 (Xinhua) -- a suspected yellow fever outbreak in kazina state in northern Nigeria has killed 24 people, a Nigerian health official said Tuesday.

Kabir Mustafa, head of health department in kazina, told the media that there have been suspected cases of yellow fever in the state recently. So far, 54 cases have been reported, 24 of them died. The patient presented with symptoms of yellow fever, and relevant samples have been sent for examination.

He said the state government has launched a yellow fever vaccination campaign across the state, covering people between nine months and 44 years old.

Yellow fever is an acute infectious disease caused by yellow fever virus and transmitted by mosquito bites, which is mainly prevalent in tropical areas of Africa and Latin America. Clinical manifestations include high fever, headache, jaundice, bleeding, etc., which can cause death in severe cases. At present, there is no specific therapy for yellow fever, but vaccination can effectively prevent it.

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