Chen Qingling: LAN Zhan, Wei Ying, who is the most beautiful person at first sight?

 Chen Qingling: LAN Zhan, Wei Ying, who is the most beautiful person at first sight?

With the jins of Lanling, they left their worship in the inn. Its Gusu Lans rule that you cant enter without an inn. But the distance between the two places is relatively long, and the one that comes and goes back has to wait until midnight. Therefore, Wei Ying and Jiang Cheng are still there pleading with LANs children. Im sorry, these Lans children are more ancient than LAN Zhan. Said no, Wei Ying said no.

At this time, blue Zhan brings her own sense of music from far and near. His clothes are as clean and fresh as his. Even the steps are good-looking. Then there is a close-up of blue Zhans face, an impeccable pretty face. Its worthy of being you, one of the blue double Bis blue brilliant. Standing beside the female nun Yunmeng, she made no secret of her adoration for lanzhan. The deformed expression is enough to explain the problem.


Whats all this about? Cant Wei Ying and Wei Wuxian look good? In the ancestor of the devil way, the owners evaluation is extremely in place: LAN Zhan is Jun, Wei Ying is pretty - all beautiful men. There is no doubt that the appearance of LAN Zhan surprised all the children of Yunmeng. What about Wei Ying? He didnt focus all his attention on LAN Zhan. He was followed by Gusu Lans children; they carried a man.

Others thought that the monk was dead. Wei Ying is the only one who has the most insight and is quite different from everyones idea. He directly denied Jiang Chengs statement: death? I dont think so. Its like some kind of magic. LAN Zhan, who was going to walk away, immediately turns around to see who this person is. This turn around, saw the bright and clear Wei Ying. This is their first meeting. Its fate.


Those are all afterwords. At the gate of the mountain where the cloud is deep, LAN Zhans impression on Wei Ying is cold and lonely. What about Wei Ying? Im afraid its his insight, isnt it? Later, the fight proved LAN Zhans idea: Wei Ying, Kung Fu is not bad. Not using casualness, but also with the use of dust-proof blue Zhan play a draw. The appearance of predestined people, either amazing time, or gentle years ah.

LAN Zhan and Wei Ying, who is the most beautiful first time to see and who is amazing?