A recent photo of Gong Li and Fan Bingbing

 A recent photo of Gong Li and Fan Bingbing

I hope that when I am old, I will be successful, not old, and have a harmonious family. Of course, most women cant get it. Today, I want to talk with you about three beautiful women who have been very popular recently. They are the closest to a womans ultimate dream.

The first one is Gong Li. She has worked hard all her life. Her age has never been an obstacle. The second is Fan Bingbing, who is sitting in the world of beauty and walking through the world of prosperity. However, he is not old, his road has deviated, and his life has gone up and down. Third, Zhang Zetian, born pure and handsome, has a happy and rich family. At the age of 18, he entered Tsinghua University, and at the age of 22, he married a wealthy family... Its just the beginning of a dream life. But, after all, it cant escape to the dark time.

Three women, three lives.

Its not about winning or losing, but its enough for us to have some enlightenment.

This neat short hair, black frame glasses and slightly hunchback look like a small Lang Ping! What does it look like when its done? In her life, she went to the Venice Film Festival, and just arrived at the Venice Airport, she was robbed to make a group of large films. In the picture, Gong Li, 54, is wearing a tight top and a short skirt with buttocks. She has a slim body and good-looking skin. 71 year old husband is more upright, just like a young man. With all her hands and feet, Gong Lis empresss temperament is all-around, and her domineering spirit can be seen from the bottom of her eyes. Netizens praise: 54 years old! This figure is too enviable! This temperament is also very good! It is worthy of being the most beautiful oriental woman appraised by foreign countries! And the better ones are still in the back. Some time ago, Gong Li appeared on the red carpet of Venice Film Festival with her husband in a red and black dress.

This suit... Gong Li can control it. Im afraid that other peoples clothes are all at the scene of the accident, but it feels like theyre coming to the throne to cover Gong Li. Of course, Gong Li is rarely a star of making vase and blanket. This time, she brought her own film Lanxin Grand Theatre, which is said to be another cow movie. A womans life to this point, is not a bit fierce: more than half a hundred people, good figure, love each other, brilliant career - can afford to life winner four words.

And these glories are not from the sky. She did her best to earn them. Time goes back 36 years. Gong Li, 18, is preparing for the college entrance examination in Jinan. She applied for Shandong Normal University and Qufu Normal University, both of which failed. The next year, she took the entrance examination of Shandong art college, and again failed. In the same year, she went to the PLA Academy of art to enroll students, but failed in the preliminary examination. She had no choice but to work as a temporary worker in Shandong publishing house. Shandong publishing house, now Shandong publishing group, is also my old owner. By the time I got into the position, Gong Li was in the ascendant. When the old colleague talked about the star who had been around, the basic thing was: he was a little tall, and he didnt see anything else at that time... In other words, before Gong Li was 20 years old, she was also a less prominent girl in Jinan. Especially when the college entrance examination rate falls, in fact, it is quite disheartened. Shes not what we think she is.

But later, she was on the right track. After another years struggle, she was admitted to the Central Academy of drama. At that time, she still failed in the cultural course, 11 points less, but the examiner felt that her feelings and imagination were outstanding. She wrote an application report, submitted it to the Ministry of culture, and admitted Gong Li with special approval. Examiners have good eyesight. And Gong Li didnt let the examiner down. Two years later, he starred in Zhang Yimous film Red Sorghum, which became famous at one stroke. Since then, it has never been accepted. Its easy to say. But behind this, there is a womans insistence. Taking photos of red sorghum, Gong Li ran to Gaomi and lived for several months. Every day, she practiced carrying water. Her shoulders were worn on one side and the other side was worn. She never said a word and insisted on biting her teeth. At last, she presented the most real and natural carrying water state.

Autumn chrysanthemum lawsuit: in the snow scene, Gong Li performs in the environment of minus 20 or 30 degrees. After shooting, people fainted on the spot.

In Memoirs of Geisha, there is a play of throwing fans, with only 4 seconds. The director didnt have any rigid requirements, but Gong Li insisted that in the five months of filming, she could not leave her hands and practiced 2000 times a day, and finally presented perfectly. Preparing for Chinese womens Volleyball, she went to the womens volleyball training site in a low-key way, took a notebook and made notes carefully without any slack.

Gong Li once said: when I take on the next role, I must have a long preparation process, and I will not deal with it. I will not give up any camera, even if half a second can not relax. My life has never been the same. So, its no coincidence that she has stepped up to the top of the movie world step by step, become the first Chinese actor to go international, and become the pride of Chinese films. In addition to hard work, Gong Li also has a very important thing, that is, concentration. Different from many actors, Gong Li recognized from the beginning that I am not a star, but an actor and I only do one thing in my life, that is acting. As for the rest, she didnt pay much attention. Other stars tried to rub the red carpet. Gong Li said, if there is no work, go to the red carpet without a movie, its brain disease. she didnt even think she was in the entertainment circle: Im not in the entertainment circle, dont put me in the entertainment circle, I dont like to focus on useless things. She was all about acting. Over the past 30 years, she has shot more than 30 works, not many in number, but never repeated roles, and each of them has the best quality: farewell my concubine, red sorghum, red lantern hanging high, Memoirs of Geisha, back... Thousands of shadows, thousands of styles, no bad films. Now stars, almost everyone has a studio, but Gong Li insists from beginning to end that she does not set up a studio, is not a producer, does not invest in shares, does not circle money, and is a solid actor. Many big Hollywood productions, such as 007, have called her to act. She refused. Because the role of playing soy sauce didnt mean anything to her, she didnt want to say its a waste of my time even though she knew that she could make a lot of money and improve her popularity. This is Gong Lis craftsman spirit: only do one thing in her life, to be the best, and then with a good martial arts, she is proud of the Jianghu. This has won a lot of praise.

Gong Lis achievements since her film career are unparalleled in the Chinese circle: she is the second actress in the world film history to win the highest prize of three major international film festivals in Europe, the first Chinese to win the Venice Film posthumous award, and has successively served as a judge in Cannes, Berlin, and President of the Venice Film Festival... Here are two small examples. In 2016 and 2019, two Cannes film festivals were held successively. Gong Li enjoyed the highest courtesy of Chinese movie stars. She was officially cleared. She was left alone on the red carpet for up to two minutes, which was called Queen level treatment.

Example 2: in September 2015, two fashion magazines fought each other. Ten Huadan appeared on the cover of vogue: Zhang Ziyi, Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun, Fan Bingbing, Li Bingbing, Li Yuchun, etc.; while Jiaren only invited one, Gong Li. The slogan of Jiaren is the queen comes, one against ten. Gong Li is also worthy of the publics expectation. She runs over ten female stars in the opposite direction with her Majestys momentum and successfully turns her reputation to this side. This is called strength.

I dont know when the media began to call Gong Li Gong Huang. I think the reason why it is called Gong Huang is that it depends on temperament and achievements. These two points, she did not lose any actress. Among the Chinese actresses, there is another Fan Bingbing who is very similar to Gong Li, who is called Fan Ye. Fan Bingbing is also a very, very hard-working person. From the unknown Jinsuo to the domineering Wu Zetian, she won the first place in Forbes China celebrity list for many years. There are professional evaluation: Fan Bingbing in the topic, exposure, resources, status, fashion, income and so on, are rolling over the vast majority of domestic first-line female stars. It shows the fame of Fan Ye. But if you look closely, Fan Bingbing won the first place, but he didnt achieve the goal of film. People have always praised and disparaged her as a person and her works. Its said that when the wall falls, people push it. but maybe we can think about it: why does the wall fall? How can we avoid our own walls falling down? When Fan Bingbing was the most popular, he could not get rid of the vase, poor acting skills, constant gossip and passion for money... These negative labels. Venus comments on her: many years later, all people think of is golden locks and advertisements. CCTV also once commented on Fan Bingbings the legend of wumeiniang, who was the producer and starring actor: high value, high value and high value, but nothing else.

Netizens said that her acting has three treasures: the most brilliant is the director Er Dongshengs comment: Fan Bingbing, who has too much thoughts outside the film. Of course, what kind of life a person chooses is entirely his own business, and outsiders have no right to judge. Just to compare Gong Li and Fan Bingbing, we can see a general truth. A person who focuses on cultivating his own internal ability, is a real valuable person, and makes real contributions to the society. She may lose some immediate benefits, but in the long run, this is the most reliable way. Just like Gong Li, she devoted herself to acting well and finally got extra reward. She didnt mean to pursue fame and fortune, but fame and fortune came to her. If a person neglects her professional ability and is keen on making money and contacts, she may get a lot at present, but these gains are not reliable. They may come and go easily. Because those things will never belong to you like your strength. A few days ago, Fan Bingbing also had two pictures on screen. One is with the net red Sydney, start to do live with goods.