Rushfords 30 meter super lift ball! Soshuais bluster: its too much like Ronaldo

 Rushfords 30 meter super lift ball! Soshuais bluster: its too much like Ronaldo

It was in January 2008 when Manchester United played Portsmouth at home in the Premier League. At that time, Manchester United also got a free kick in the middle of the forbidden area, and Ronaldo kicked the elevator ball to the dead end. Ronaldos free kick is considered one of the top ten free kicks in the history of Manchester United. In 2018, Manchester United officially celebrated the 10th anniversary of Ronaldos free kick. Now Rushford has played a similar free kick in the elevator. Maybe 10 years later, Manchester United fans will recall Rushfords world wave like Ronaldo.

When I try to play free kicks like this in training, football often flies to other places, but fortunately today its a positive day when the ball goes straight to the dead end, said Rushford. Today I scored a penalty, which made us more relaxed in the game, and the second goal killed the game. We are in a difficult situation and the only way out is to work hard. We need to continue to improve, we have done a lot of good work.

After the game, United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said: this goal is very Ronaldo, right? Rushford scored a penalty and a fantastic free kick to help the team win. I always hope that he can score some simple goals, but he always scores such wonderful goals, which is the reward of his hard training. Chelsea manager Frank Lampard also admitted: the second goal is too special, no team can prevent such a goal, his technology is very good. At that time, we were just equalizing and were in a dominant position, but we encountered such a shocking goal.

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