Life is like tea, tea is like life.

 Life is like tea, tea is like life.

Life is like a cup of tea. Its bitter at the beginning and sweet when swallowed.

A good cup of tea needs to go through the sun exposure and screening experience. In this process, there is no shortcut, no back door to break, no easy way to choose. Just like tens of millions of ordinary people who are working hard for their lives, all the glory depends on their own efforts.

When you survive the pressure of rolling into a cake, when you survive the pain of boiling water immersion, freshmen will get closer and closer.

In fact, life is a process of climbing. At the beginning, the physical strength is enough, slightly relaxed, close to the hillside, the physical strength has been half consumed, and the more up the road, the more difficult it is to walk.

Maybe every step feels hard, bitter and tired, bitter and painful, but every step forward, the sweetness of life will quietly increase by one point.

Maybe you didnt realize it at that time, but many years later, when you recall the past, you will be glad that thanks to the pain at that time, you can accumulate the sweetness.


Every time when I make tea, I quietly watch the tea in the cup float and sink, go up and down, and the fragrance spreads wantonly.

Tea has a calming effect. When you have a cup of tea in your spare time, all the confusion and uneasiness in your life seem to press the pause button.

Tea has ups and downs, just as people have gains and losses.

Ups and downs are like ups and downs in life.

When misfortune comes, misfortune comes. Everything in the world has a fixed number, just like the ups and downs of tea. When a certain time comes, it will tend to be gentle.

Dont cling to the gains and losses of the moment. A moment of complacency doesnt mean a smooth road, a moment of frustration doesnt mean a rough road. Gain and loss, this is a shaking balance, the more concerned, the more unhappy.

Like tea, not arrogant and impetuous, keep your heart in peace.


Mild tea, slow life

Light tea is the most nourishing drink, and the entrance is also very comfortable.

Warm and light, slow taste, time is long, time is quiet.

The process of drinking tea is also a process of relaxing the body and mind. Sometimes I find that Im in a hurry. I might as well slow down and taste life.

To enjoy spring, autumn and moon, to see clouds and clouds, sometimes hair will stay, chat will be day, is also an essential small real luck in ordinary life.

Days need to be tasted slowly, and the taste of happiness will come out little by little.

Mr. Muxin said in the book:

I remember that when I was young, everyone was sincere and said, yes. In the morning of the Qing Dynasty, the railway station, the long street was dark and pedestrian free, and the small shop selling soybean milk was steaming.

Once upon a time, the sun became slow. Cars, horses, and mails were slow. I only loved one person in my life.

Let the days slow down and the spirit unfold. You will find that every moment in our life is peaceful and peaceful, but we are busy in it and only feel impetuous, but we cant enjoy the life essence.

Slow down your life, dont worry about fame and wealth, dont worry about firewood, rice, oil and salt. Simply put, work hard when you should work hard, rest when you should rest, enjoy when you should enjoy, and live when you should live.

Dont argue, dont worry, dont complain.

Life, slowly, slowly taste.