Have the ability to love oneself and spare the effort to love others

 Have the ability to love oneself and spare the effort to love others

Maybe this is the current state of human beings, hiding the most real self under the false appearance, not that we want to live with a mask, but that there are too many necessities in life.

Especially in feelings, although we say that we are willing to fight and suffer, we give the best of ourselves to each other in exchange for perfunctory, indifferent and even disgusting.

You think you can give the best to the other person, but the other person doesnt think so. Even if you love him with all your abilities, the result is nothing but futility.

Sometimes we dont want to ignore our own ideas, and want to live a smart and happy life. At the very least, what we should do is to be the most real ourselves and give ourselves more love.

Only what you own can accompany you forever, and what others give you can only accompany you for a short time. All of us should first become better ourselves, and then spare no effort to complete others.

Those who have the ability to love themselves are more able to love others. Dont always empty your heart for others, but finally you can only clean up the mess by yourself.

Its lucky to meet someone you like, and happy to live the life you like. In fact, we all have the ability to accomplish what we want. We are afraid that you will always think of others, and always dig out the heart and lungs for others, but we have no time and energy to use on ourselves.

People have a selfish side, but its human nature to be good to themselves and love themselves. For those who only know how to ask but dont want to return, the more you give, the deeper you love. As a result, they only complete them and hurt yourself.

Everyone should know self-respect and self love. You should remember that not everyone has the right to hurt you, and not everyone deserves your kindness. Having the ability to love oneself and spare no effort to love others is the best state of a person.