Ozil disappeared 1 month back! He made three goals and was replaced by emmeri in advance.

 Ozil disappeared 1 month back! He made three goals and was replaced by emmeri in advance.

More than a month later, Ozil finally returned to Arsenals starting line-up. Yesterday, he tweeted a message to inspire the team: we need to maintain unity in the face of the enemy, which is the most important thing. Liverpool have been in excellent form this season, unbeaten in the Premier League, but Ozil is confident of helping the Gunners break with the Reds at Anfield.

The 39th minute, Ozil this games most dazzling scene appeared, although he did not directly assist. Ozil succeeded in grabbing the ball on the left side of the front court, but he didnt continue to lead the ball. Instead, he gave the ball to his teammate Saka in front of the ball, and the whole action was completed in one go. Ozils pass helped SACA gain a huge open area, he entered the forbidden area, assisted Martinelli to score, Arsenal 3-1, the goal also came from Ozils planning.

In the second half, in the 54th minute, Liverpools defence made a mistake again. Milners pass was broken and Niles sent a cross after breaking the ball. But his passing power was too strong for Ozil to get the ball in front of the door. The Germans worked hard to catch the ball and get it before it came out of the baseline. Once again, he showed his superb skill in dealing with the ball in a narrow area, passing the ball back to Niles in the inverted triangle, who was successful in pushing and shooting the empty goal, with Arsenal leading 4-2. This goal, Ozil is the direct helper.

In less than 60 minutes, Ozil scored three goals and was in excellent form. However, emery didnt know what to think. In the 65th minute, he replaced Ozil with gondozzi. The Arsenal fans were shocked and the Liverpool fans laughed. Without Ozil, Arsenals attack fell into a quasi paralysis. Although the Gunners showed a high morale in the game, they were eliminated in the end.

Sky Sports data statistics show that Ozil in 65 minutes out of the game gave such answers: 92% of the pass success rate, 44 touch (the highest in the team), 2 key passes, 1 assists... There is also a more direct data to show Ozils help to Arsenals attack, Ozils presence in 65 minutes, Arsenal shot 11 times. After Ozils exit, Arsenal shot only a total of... The 2 time.

The sun praised Ozil after the game: he proved to be the best player in Arsenal with facts. He deserves 350000 pounds a week. On social media, gun fans have hurled insults at emmeri, saying his decision to replace Ozil has made relatives and enemies quick. After emmeris game, he explained: Ozils fighting spirit and ability helped us. He played with great fighting spirit on the field. Its planned to replace him. We communicated before the game.

Did you communicate before the game? But thats not what emmeri said before the game. Yesterday, he said: Ozil can help us, he knows how we play, he knows his teammates. Physically, I think hes very good. He can play for 90 minutes. Emily, its a public slap in the face.

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