Love yourself before you choose others

 Love yourself before you choose others

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God wants you to end a relationship, not confiscate your happiness. But even God loves you and thinks he doesnt deserve it, so it frees you.

When the pain of persistence is greater than the pain of giving up, its time to let go.

You pretend not to understand, and I pretend to be relaxed. If you miss it, you will miss it. As a human being, you must have some character.

I thought you were my way and would accompany me through my life. Later, I thought you were a maze, which made it difficult for me to go out. Finally, I found that you were a dead end and left me in, but did not shelter me from the wind and rain.

The sky is not always clear and the sun is not always shining, so its no harm to break down occasionally.

I want to install a filter in my ear to filter out those words that make my mood worse.

Isnt it cool to go to the future bravely with no regrets?

With hard work to amaze time, life will not be bad for anyone who works hard.

Some people say, its like a required course for every adult to love but not to love. Immersed in the past is not to fail, out but dare not love is barely passing, only after putting it down, still have the courage to love others, it is full score.

Maybe its loving someone for a long time, but never getting a response; maybe its in an unequal relationship, always humble; maybe its the other partys consuming your love for him again and again, after all, its ruthless to delete, and decide to let go of yourself.

After all, only by deleting the wrong person can we meet the right one, right? So, lets talk today. Why did you delete someone you like?

Why do you delete someone you like?

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