Douban 8.9, this set of magic anti routine Korean drama, its really amazing!

 Douban 8.9, this set of magic anti routine Korean drama, its really amazing!

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Every girl had a princess dream. She imagined that she was the heroine who loved everyone and saw flowers blooming. Not only did she have a flower escort, but also a handsome young man. If she was deeply loved by a handsome young man, it would be more perfect. You may have seen this kind of bridge as early as in Korean dramas or romance novels many years ago. Now this set has been abandoned in Korean dramas and found their own way out. But I didnt expect that there was such a Korean drama, which brought all the rotten stalks together before, and even could make a little fresh in the heavy taste. This Korean play is called the day of discovery by chance. Its really boring to watch posters.

To tell you the truth, Ive had enough of Korean TV series Gao fushai and Bai Fumei since watching the successor, but I slapped my face on the same recipe and taste of this one day I happened to find. On the way of dog blood marisu, I found a new way.

How about the original setting of this Korean drama? Just listen to a few key words.

At first glance, its hard to swallow this strong bullying president wind, but if you continue to watch it, you will find that the TM hostess is us out of the screen! A with a hostess set but no hostess life story, launched.

The hostesss name is Yin Dragon Boat Festival. In school, her daily life is the princess. But on an accidental day, she found that she had amnesia and often appeared in a place unknown. With the emergence of amnesia, she began to hear the voice of turning pages. As long as there was a sound of turning books, she would move in a blink.

At first, she thought she was ill, but later she found that the so-called real life here was actually the comic world. After the awakening of Yin Duanwus consciousness, she thought she was the heroine and began to struggle with her life.

But in reverse, still immersed in the world of the heroine, Yin Dragon Boat Festival found that she was just a match girl. In this comic world, the heroine had other people, but she was just a passer-by, and often involuntarily assisted her with the hero.

And since she discovered that she was not a heroine, the womans head began to light up. So, Yin began to carry out all kinds of sand sculptures, crazy Tucao cartoons and damned Marysu routines, and the official Tucao was the most deadly. Will also fine points, even their own plot and official matching CP should also Tucao.

But Tucao go to Tucao, can only be scolded in the heart, simply can not be exported, all exports are obedient to the comic story, weak white rabbit role.

So its a love story on campus. Its clearly a poor counter attack story.

In order to live longer in comics, she even began to look for a breakthrough point to change the plot.

Of course, its boring for one person to wake up, so another man also woke up. His favorite is the female Lord LV zhuduo, but hes just a man, so he and Yin Duanwu joined hands to break the damn routine.

So, the direction of the play began to speculate. Of course, the change of the plot will pay the corresponding price. When the story is changed, the boy with the boy disappears as the price. The hostess feels guilty and wants to get the man back, but what kind of price does it have to pay?

If you want to change your life against the sky, is the follow-up development really expected? The play is not finished, please dont be a bad ending!